Monday, December 7, 2009

Thool pakodas - crisp onion fritters

This is a recipe straight out of S.Meenakshi Ammal cook book. I find that in the given recipe the salt is on the higher scale, otherwise it is the best recipe to follow if you want crisp, melt in the mouth thool pakodas. They are so light, that you have to keep reminding yourself to stop picking just one more from the plate.

Red onions 175 grams (2 large onions) chopped finely
Gram flour 2 cups/ 200grams
Rice flour 1/4th of a cup/30 grams
Ginger 2" piece chopped
Green chillies 10 pieces chopped
Cashew nuts 15 pieces broken
Curry leaves few chopped
Coriander leaves a small bunch chopped
Ghee (in solid form)/Dalda 1 tablespoon
Soda bi carbonate 1/8 teaspoon (optional)
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

Take the chopped onions, curry and coriander leaves with the salt in a bowl. Press with your hands applying enough pressure that you get the onions oozing water. Add the chillies, ginger and the ghee. Knead further, almost for around 10 minutes.
Seive the gram flour, rice flour and the bi-carbonate of soda together.
Add the flour mix to the prepared onions. Knead to a crumbly dough, stiff in texture. Add very little water as possible, only if needed. Normally the water that the onions have given out will suffice.
Heat oil in a heavy pan. When the oil reaches smoking hot, reduce the fire to medium.
Take a big portion of the dough and in a sprinkling motion drop small portions in the hot oil, as much as will fill the oil. You may pinch out small portions and deep fry too.
Fry until the pakodas turn brown. Remove with a slotted ladle on to absorbent tissues.
Repeat till entire dough is fried.
Carefully lift the small pieces of onions that may have dropped in the oil and would have been fried well. These taste very good too.
Serve them hot as tea-time snack.
These pakodas are being sent to WYF Tea time snack event being conducted @ Simple Indian Food blog by EC.


  1. Perfect tea time snack....Sooo tempting and crispy.

  2. Mouth watering fare ! Wish I could reach out for some right now...... !

  3. Thanks Tina, Shama and Jayashree that was quick!

  4. Nice looking pakodas! Perfect tea time snack :)

  5. Fantastic tea time snacks..looks prefect!

  6. OMG that first click looks so inviting, feel like grabbing few pakodas right away from the dish :-)

  7. perfect tea time snack..I love them a lot...

  8. Super for this season....really crispy

  9. My all time favorite,perfect tea time snack

  10. Looks so crisp and yumm... perfect evening snack or to have on a rainy day :)

  11. Looks so delicious a lovely tea time snack.

  12. My hubby's fav pakoda..A perfect eve snack :-)

  13. Lovely thool pakodas. Looks crunchy and ready to devour. Pic is too good.


  14. Pakodas looks crunchy and very delicious...

    Favorite at home... Interestingly, its preferred as side for dinner at home more than a tea time snack.

  15. The pakodas and onion fritters look very crispy and nice to have with tea and my favourite.

  16. Lata ji, PERFECT is the word for the pakodas. In our relatives circle, my maami is the pakoda queen and yours remind me of hers :)

  17. lataji,

    thool pakodas look awasome, i will try this one

  18. Crispy pakodas!! So inviting they are... Perfect entry for the event Lataji!

  19. This is an all time favourite snack in our house..thanks for the entry

  20. I loved your pakoda recipe ,never used rice flour in pakoda. Will try next time when i make pakoda.


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