Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fudge with some left over chocolate coated biscuits

This recipe is an accident...I mean that I simply took a chance dropping few ingredients and it turned out POST-WORTHY!!!
Few days ago in India, my sister showed me how quick it is to make home-made chocolates. She made them the afternoon just before we were to fly out. I was very enthused and was planning to try out on my own. The day before yesterday was an excellent oppurtunity to try this being my mother's birthday.
The downside was that I do not have any chocolate flavoured powder on hand, neither did remember to keep aside some butter. Nonetheless, I found these chocolate coated biscuits in my fridge ( Which were sent to me by a friend some three months earlier while returning a container that I sent her). For some reason we never got around to consume them. That came to my aid.And the butter was easily replaced with ghee..that will always be available at home.

I crushed the biscuits and the powder which came up to 1/4th of a cup. I used 1/2 cup skimmed milk powder, 1/2 cup sugar and 1 heaped tablespoon ghee.

The recipe is simple and very quick to make as with any fudge.
Take sugar in a heavy pan (a hindalium kadai will work fine), add small quantity of water and keep on high heat.
Prepare a plate to pour the fudge into by greasing with small quantity of ghee.
Meanwhile mix well the chocolate powder and milk powder in a flat plate and keep aside.
Bring the sugar syrup to boil and allow it to thicken to a strong string consistency. When you place a drop of syrup between your thumb and forefinger, you should be able to pull the sticky syrup in a string upto about an inch between the fingers.

Remove the pan from the heat after switching the fire off. Transfer the powders into the hot syrup and keep stirring.
In about 10 minutes time, you will find the mass thickening and the stirring becomes a task.
Transfer this mass on the greased plate. Allow to cool and cut squares.

Cool them well and serve.
I have used crushed biscuits because I intended to use them up. You may substitute with any form of cocoa powder or make white chocolate with just the milk powder and the rest of the ingredients.
You may add chopped nuts and raisins to the mix too.
The end product was a soft yet firm fudge that was neither too sweet nor with too much cocoa flavour to my liking.
The whole process was done within about 25 minutes and there were just about two utensils for cleaning too!


  1. Superb idea Lata. Sounds interesting and easy too. Think it will melt in mouth.

  2. Wowwww... lovely and amazing idea.. looks really yumm.. nice clicks too.. :)

  3. This is really interesting :) Looks good too :)

  4. Very nice..Its clearly explained :)

  5. Woww super delicious and very tempting fudge....fantastic..

  6. delicious n tempting fudge....very creative latha ..ur yummy clicks makes me hungry


  7. droolworthy and yummilicious fudge!please parcel some to me.

  8. interesting recipe lathaji! nice one!

  9. Very nice. I will make this the next time I am ready to indulge in chocolate treats. It looks super easy to make it. Thank you for sharing your sisters recipe.

  10. What agreat innovative dish sounds wonderful and tasty.

  11. Nice idea Lataji.....luv the fudge.

  12. That's a super easy fudge!!!Lil angel would love this so i have bookmarked this recipe :).
    [I am still in India and will be leaving by the second week of August..]

  13. That was a quicky and Yummy Fudge Lataji!!!

  14. Aha...Super a irukku. I want to take slow bites and enjoy it until they all melt in my mouth and I'm stuffed - can I come over?

  15. This looks fabulous, I am definitely going to try this soon :-)

  16. looks fabulous, I am definitely going to try this soon.thanks for this.


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