Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maanga Pulisseri

One of the Kerala gravy recipes that I had wanted to try for sometime now was the manga pulisseri.
I had it in a friend's place while in Bahrain. I had not noted the recipe then.
Last year another friend who travels to Ghana during her school holidays, mentioned this recipe to me. I remember trying out soon after.
I had been wanting to write it in the blog, but kept putting it off so much that I had almost forgotten the recipe.
When I found my Bahrain friend online, I was reminded of the pulisseri recipe and asked her to give me the same. As we chatted, she wrote the recipe for me.
I copied it to my notepad and this very morning tried it.
As I started off with this post, we had heavy thunderstorms and my internet was down.
However, I thought I can compose and post it later in the blog.
I have cut and pasted the recipe from our conversation. Just the ingredients part I have had to make a write up. The method, which appears below is verbatim of our conversation.

1 small raw mango (the semi sweet and sour variety works best)
2 green chillis
1 dry red chilli
1 tablespoon scraped coconut
1/4 cup yoghurt
A generous pinch of turmeric powder
Salt to taste

For tempering:
1 teaspoon oil
1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
1/4 teaspoon fenugreek seeds
few curry leaves
1 dry red chilli

For Garnishing:
1 tablespoon chopped coriander leaves


M:Cook the mangoes with haldi and salt.
Grind 2 green chillis, one dry redchilli along with scraped coconut.
Once mango is cooked add yoghurt and mix continuously. Meanwhile, add the coconut paste.
When small bubbles appear in the boiling mixture,the pulisseri is ready.
Me: what is tadka for this? normal kadugu, karuveppila?
M: Temper with mustard, redchilli bit of methi seeds !!!!
If the mango is sweet ..after tadka you can add bit of methi powder for flavour.

This is how you prepare the pulisseri.

I recall the other friend asking me to dry roast some fenugreek seeds and the given 1 dry red chilli and grind with the coconut and green chillis.
She also mentioned that if the yoghurt is not sour enough, it will curdle in a mass and water separated. So in order to keep the binding, add a little quantity of gram flour to the yoghurt.

Living in a tropical country, I had set the yoghurt and left it on the counter allowing it to get a bit sour than my usual requirement. Hence I did not add any flour to the yoghurt.
Serve this with steamed hot rice. It tasted very good combined with coconut rice.


  1. Looks simply delicious and beautiful. lovely presentation !!
    Indian Cuisine

  2. Slurp, pulisseri looks extremely delicious,definitely fingerlicking..

  3. One of my fav.I really mean it, I could have this everyday for my lunch and still I will love it :-)

  4. pulisseri was made at my mom's place as they had a stayed in kerela for sometime..but I have never tried this...this one with raw mangoes sounds so good and delicious..

  5. Sounds good,never tried this famous kerala dish...
    Love your template and header :)

  6. This recipe is new to me but it looks very inviting dear.. want to try this out..

    Sunanda's Kitchen

  7. You don't know how much this post of yours has made me crave mango pulisseri right now. Must make it soon. Do try out mambazha pulisseri with ripe mangoes. That is really good too.


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