Monday, July 11, 2011

Whole wheat adai dosai

Few days ago, Viji who writes Vcuisine blog had shared a recipe for the appams using whole wheat kernels. The appams were very soft and porous and I had book marked the recipe.
I had whole wheat kernels on hand and wanted to use those up. I was curious as to how the whole wheat will alter the texture. I thought that would be glutinous owing to the wheat. She clarified that and also mailed in detail as to how long she soaked the wheat and such.
I tried them soon after and found that we liked them very much. That evening, I had some of the batter left over.That quantity would not suffice to make enough numbers of appams and so I used it to make dosais. The dosais were very soft too. Since we like such dosais as much as the crisp ones, I decided to give the whole wheat a try in other recipes such as adai.
I had powdered pearl barley for some other dish. The excess of that powder had to be used up too.
So I ventured to make adai with whole wheat, barley and legumes. I have some sorghum also in the pantry to be cleared, so that goes into this adai as well. With barley, wheat and sorghum (vellai sOlam), I did not add any rice. It is purely optional to use barley and sorghum. You may add rice with the whole wheat and not add any of these. Also if you have fresh coconut, adding that would enhance the taste.
The adai was as good as the ones we make with soaking and grinding rice, as soft and very delectable.

1/3rd cup whole wheat kernels ( I used samba godhumai)
1/4 cup (powdered) pearl barley flour
1/4 cup sorghum cereal
1/4 cup split urad dhal
1/4 cup moong dhal
1/4 cup channa dhal
1/4 cup thuvar dhal
5 dry red chillis
Salt as required
few teaspoons oil for cooking the adai

Place all of the four dhals in a bowl. Wash well and add some water to soak them.
Take the whole wheat kernels and the sorghum in a bowl. Wash to remove impurities and soak them in some water.
After few hours of soaking, grind the wheat and sorghum in a blender. Half way through, add the soaked dhals and red chillis. Grind all of these together to a coarse batter.
Transfer from the blender to a bowl. Mix the powdered pearl barley and salt to the batter.
The batter can be used up to make pan cakes soon after. However, you can allow the batter to ferment also, like how I prefer to do.

Place the flat pan, griddle or tawa on the stove. When the pan is hot, give the batter a stir and pour out a generous amount of batter on the pan. Spread lightly to a 1/4 inch thick, 6 inch wide, circular pan cake. Spoon some oil over and around the circumference of the adai.
Allow to cook well and flip to the other side. Cook this side also well and remove from the pan.
Serve these hot with any chutney of choice.
Eating this with jaggery and a blob of butter is the best way to indulge.

Siri's Healing foods event is being hosted by Simona of Briciole, the theme of the month being Whole grains. These are sent to the same.


  1. One of my friend too suggested to try out adai dosai with wheat rawa but... This sounds too too gud,I always love to have different breakfasts.... I dont like to have rice for lunch sometimes,those times something filling like this will sure help :)

  2. Adai dosa with whole wheat sounds interesting and healthy. will have to try it soon

  3. Very healthy and delicious recipe.. mouth watering here :)
    Indian Cuisine

  4. Adai dosa with whole wheat sounds interesting and healthy & yummy..

  5. Have a lot of wheat berries left. Planning to try this recipe sometime soon. Thanks for sharing Lataji.

  6. you should call this multigrain adai..perfect for a balanced breakfast..Is samba godumai cracked wheat? I have tried wheat adais..went the easy way..added atta to the ground lentils..was good..

  7. Healthy n yummy dosa........

  8. I have tried with cracked wheat and moong dal...Your multigrain one sounds more healthy.

  9. wow, a very good one, really healthy one, I will definitely try this.. looks yum

  10. wow, that looks superb and wonderful.

  11. A very interesting recipe. Thank you for contributing it to Healing Foods.

  12. should try to develop taste towards healthy food.


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