Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flavours for your drink - Black and White Wednesday

Waiting long hours inside the terminal to board your flight leaves you with plenty of time to kill. And to beat boredom coffee or tea or a drink and a book will help. additionally if you had a camera on hand, you might also be doing what I have been doing....shooting anything your eyes find fascinating.
I loved these bottles that hold many flavours to be added to the many coffees or cappuccinos that are served at Starbucks.

And the regular and most preferred toppings in these tiny bottles.

These pictures are for Susan's Black and White Wednesday event  featured in Siri's  Cooking with Siri this week.


  1. I agree Lata! I loved the second one. Waiting in airports near a food stall is always interesting.

  2. nice pictures, i too agree waiting in airport that too with kids kills us

  3. Latha, I liked the first one, it is interesting that you can see the liquid levels in bottles.

  4. Very nicely captured in black and white.


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