Monday, July 9, 2012

Khurkuri Bhindi

Many a times I might read a recipe in some book and make a mental note to try that sometime. but there will be some constraint or the other and eventually I might totally forget the recipe and thus a dish goes to 'never tried at home' list. This one however, is something that I neither tasted nor read  anywhere.;  just seen a large picture in a restaurant in Chennai where we had been to drop my daughter off to meet her buddies. They had called it Bhindi Jaipuri or something as exciting. The crisp looking spice added deep fried okras were calling out to try. And this was some two years ago that I had spotted the picture.
How many times would one have purchased the vegetable in two years, especially okra being a commonly used vegetable in a South Indian cuisine? I just did not try the recipe though I had formed an idea as to how it could have been cooked. This week end when I was in my regular vegetable shack, as I was picking out the tender ones, the vendor's assistant passingly suggested that I am going to cook them in an awesome recipe, while I was just thinking in lines of a vadhakkal kari, a usual in my home!
Thus he put the idea in my head and soon the picture came zooming into my mind! And the result is this post on crisp fried bhindis.

It is such an easy recipe though the deep frying makes you rethink about making it often. I needed just 25 numbers of the vegetable for two huge servings.

200 grams / 25 numbers fresh okra / ladies finger
1 heaped tablespoon gram flour
2 teaspoons red chilli powder
1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
1/4 teaspoon asafoetida powder
1/4 teaspoon powdered carom seeds
Salt to taste

Oil for deep frying

Wash the bhindis and pat them dry. Snip the ends off and cut them in long horizontal strips.
Mix the rest of the ingredients but the oil to the vegetable and allow to coat the surface well.
Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the above mix in small batches until crisp.

Serve as side dish for lunch or as dry side dish with naan or parathas.


  1. Oooh.., that looks so tempting, my kids would love this.., beautiful clicks lata


  3. Looks scrumptious. Will certainly try your recipe.

  4. Wow Lata the bhindis look so crispy that I can feel the crunch in my mouth. Different and awesome preparation of this lovely vegetable.

  5. wow fantastic dish... usually i hate ladies finger to have in sambhar or pulikai.... but this is good... surely gonna try it...

  6. This looks very tempting..I tried the same in the microwave and the crispy strips just disappear :)

  7. Super crispy bhindis, its been a while i prepared them..Super Akka.

  8. Its a very interesting recipe.

  9. my son loves sure to make this for him..looks super crispy and yumm

  10. This looks like a delicious snack for me :) Loving the idea of super crispy okra. We used to make a version with our paruppu podi coating after frying the okras crisp. this is a slightly different version and loving the idea. Will make it soon :)

  11. I made this kurkuri bhindi today and it came out very crispy and lovely.A very good combo for rasam sadam. I t is also different from the usual monotonous vendekka curry cut into small round rings and made with the usual seasonings.

    1. That was quick Indu! thank you for trying and your verdict!

  12. Bhindi chips are available these days in adhayar anand bhavan.I first saw these chips at A-1 chips in Coimbatore 6 years back.Looks yummy! :)

  13. thank you for this lovely recipe, i have always just made okra curry but this looks really nice and crunchy.


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