Thursday, June 4, 2009

Coconut Fruit Plait.

I have copied this recipe from the packet of Blue Key Bread Flour. Mrs.Loo, my Chinese neighbour in Johor Baru, is 10 years my senior; our birthdays are one day apart :) I have never known her to be idle. She had four daughters, of whom one was away in Uni, two were in Junior college and the last in secondary school.

Her husband worked in Singapore and the girls schooled there. To beat the Causeway traffic, they would leave home at 5.30 in the morning. So her day starts earlier than that, with never ending chores. She taught me to bake bread, a few cookies, buns et al. From her recipe book I have borrowed some notes and use them. This is one such recipe, simple yet the results are good to see and eat, of course.

Flour-500 grams
Active dried yeast-1/2 tablespoon
Water-260 grams
Salt-5 grams (1 Teaspoon)
Sugar-70 grams
Butter-50 grams
Dessicated coconut -50 grams
Milk -1 tablespoon
Mixed dry fruits -100 grams

Glace icing and Cherries or Castor Sugar and Cherries

Raise the yeast in a bowl.
In a bowl put in the flour, sugar, salt, dessicated coconut and butter. Mix thoroughly. Add the yeast and knead until a smooth dough develops. Add mixed dry fruits and knead further.
Rest the dough and let it rise for about an hour.
Divide dough in twelve equal portions. Roll three of such balls into thick ropes and make a plait.

Leave on a baking tray. Repeat with all the dough. Place the plaits on baking trays, leave for some more time until the oven preheats. Bake at 210°C for 18 minutes.

Cool on wire racks. While still warm make the topping.

These buns can be baked one or two at a time depending on the capacity of the oven. If you are not baking all in one go, just cover the prepared plait so it does not dry from top.

Makes a good breakfast or a teatime snack.


  1. wow I love it .. you have done it so well..output has comeout so so nice. Wish to have one. Nice post and i have bookmarked it lata.

  2. Oh I so remember this beautiful braided bread from long ago akka - remember you brought this for us to taste? Loved it and am so glad to have the recipe for it now. Hope to give it a shot sometime when I find the time. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Coconut plait has turned out really well... I wish I could grab a few from the bowl now!!! your sisters Eggless cake looks so cute!!! Gotta try that version!!!

  4. Thank you dear ones. Hey Laav, do you know I have not baked much other than few cookies here and there after our JB time.For one Niki went to boarding and two neither of you, Subh nor Suman were around :)

  5. oh my god.. they look sooooo good. wish i could taste them.

  6. That is a cute looking bread. I make the plaited kind (challah) with savory kinds, this is nice and interesting.

  7. Mmmhmmmmmmmmmmm That looks different n yummy :)

  8. Woww.. looks very good...nice clicks..great job!!.. thanks for the recipe :)

  9. Wow looks to great,never did bread,bookmarked ur recipe and will bake it this weekend :)

  10. very colorful coconut plait looks soft and perfect.


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