Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mysorepaak -Happy Birthday to a dear friend

Tomorrow, the 8th day of June is the birthday of one very dear friend. She simply walked up to us one evening during our walks and introduced herself. Her two very cute children were eagerly befriending my daughter and on that very first instance we struck a friendship that we cherish. Through her we found more friends in Johore Bahru. Ever since, we are more family than anything. Despite age differences we discuss everything.

Today, most of us are in different countries. But thro' Skype, Facebook or whichever network we keep in touch. Inspite of her busy schedule as a kindergarten teacher and the kids in middle and high school, she keeps contact. So this post is dedicated to you LALITHA...Wish you a very happy birthday and many happy returns!!!!

The Mysorepaak recipe was not just handed down to me by my paternal grandma. It was something she sat next to me and made me do for the family when I was merely 13 years of age. I have mastered her technique so much that she used to say that neither of her daughters or daughters-in-law picked it up from her as I did. Incidentally she taught me to make Halwa too.

Weight watchers may not even want to try this recipe, for it doesnot turn out well if every ingredient is not to measurement. However, I invite you to try once and forget the calories in the taste.

In the days when I was learning this recipe, the sugar was less sweeter and not as fine. So, they added more sugar. Now this recipe makes sweet mysorepaaks that may melt in your mouths. The one rule I follow is to melt butter fresh for the ghee.

I meant to weigh the ingredients but forgot to, because I usually go by volume. I use my cups those are 175ml in size.The following recipe makes 60 pieces as big as shown in the picture.

Gram flour (the fresher, the better)-2 cups
Sugar -4 1/2 cups
Ghee (molten consistency)-2 cups
Cardamon powder-2 tablespoons
Water - 1 cup
some ghee to grease the tray

Seive the gram flour well. Put this in a plate and add 1 1/4 cups of the ghee to this and mix well to make a thick batter. Keep aside. In a heavy pan put the sugar with a cup of water and stir well. The sugar should boil to give you a syrup that will form a string when pressed between the thumb and forefinger,then pulled apart.

At this point, keep the fire on the lowest and pour the flour- ghee mixture in it with one hand while trying to stir with the other. This point forward take care to stir constantly. At intervals add the rest of the ghee in small quantities until all of it is used up. Add the cardoman powder too.

The mixture will bubble in the middle at first and slowly begin to leave the sides.You may feel more pressure in your stirring too. When it leaves the sides, quickly transfer to prepared tray. Let it cool a bit and with a knife shape pieces.

There you go. Serve as dessert and bask in the praises.


  1. I only attempt this for Diwali but find it hard to get consistent results.. will be sure to try out your proportions for this Deepavali :) Looks perfect in everyway.

  2. Oh Lata...that was so touching. Thanks a million.
    And this Mysore pak that YOU make is definitely one of my very favourites. I shall try this at the earliest as I havent done it for a long time and for that matter havent been successful most of the times.
    Thanks once again and this birthday wish will always be special :)

  3. Looks so good ! Wish I could just grab a piece from here !

  4. Thanks a million, Lata. That was so touching.
    I have never liked Mysore paak until I tasted what you made. Now its my favourite.
    I havent made it in a long time now. Shall do so at the earliest.
    Thanks once again, this birthday wish will always be special to me :)

  5. That mysore pak looks perfect and so very melt in your mouth...wish I could taste one ! Will be sure to try it out in the measure you have mentioned :-)

  6. Oh wow thats so perfect... lovely post and really looking wonderful lata..

  7. That looks perfect! Delicious!


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