Monday, August 16, 2010

Aval stuffed parathas

My sister and I were discussing food that was left over one afternoon. There were small amounts of almost everything she had cooked. And there were little of two of the thokkus she had made recently. Quickly we formulated a recipe with all of themput together to serve with the idlis that night. We decided since there is always milagai podi and some chutney to top it up, we would finish these too.
We were so engrossed that we did not realise the entire conversation was happening with her son around, until he quipped some comment! Naturally, he repeated the above word to word at that night's dinner table for the benefit of the rest of the family. But neither of them had the slightest idea that the dish was a 'make-up disguised' left-over food.
Last Sunday, I was watching Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Khazana on Zee tv where he gave a tip about using left over pulav. My husband looked at me pointedly and commented that the earlier discussion with my sister was so loud to have reached Sanjeevji's ears!
I told him whether that was a fact or not, I have taken cue from this and I am ready to make it work during lunch that weekend. That is when Aval upma stuffed paratha came in!

There is no exact measurements to be given here. You can work any left over food to suitably be stuffed in.

Here is what I did. The upma had enough vegetables init while I cooked it. I just added some more fresh coriander leaves and pulsed it in the mixer to a rollable texture. Made small balls to be filled in the outer dough made with wheat flour, rolled out slightly thick parathas and cooked them on a hot griddle until both sides were done.
You may come up with numerous options to stuff the parathas with. Check the above picture and you will realise how I've enjoyed making them.
Serve it with any pickle and yoghurt! Sanjeev Kapoor stuffed them with left over pulav, slightly mashing the pulav:)

PJ is taking ideas to make left overs work their way back to our dinner tables. These parathas are on their way to her.


  1. Unique way of using left overs!!

  2. hi lataji,
    Wow! This is a super innovative idea :) leftover magic is a great idea to creat something new...kudos

  3. its a really a beautiful n very useful idea ...paraths looks delicious ..thanks for sharing dear
    Happy independence day


  4. That's truly innovative and looks so tempting.Must be very satisfying meal too.Next time i will keep this in mind and prepare upma in excess ;).Thanks for sending it to the event.

  5. what an innovative idea using aval upma for stuffing for the paratha.I am sure the paratha must have tasted superb with all the spices involved.Lovely idea Lata and thanks for sharing.

  6. very intersting and innovative one .Parathas are most welcoming dish in my family.will try it

  7. Innovative and interesting left over parathas. Ur write-up brought up a smile, well written.

  8. Nice idea..lovely filling for d paratha's

  9. Lataji,

    Aval upma stuffed parata sounds delicious. Nice one.

  10. Very creative and innovative. Sounds damn new.

  11. Fantastic idea. Inspiring too ;) Will try to use up the left overs this way :)

    I like the stepwise pics. Nice nice :)

  12. Never thought of this....excellent idea.

  13. wow this is really very unique idea will try it soon...

  14. Woww superaa irruku, very droolworthy parathas, thanks for sharing..

  15. Next time I will make Aval upma for the stuffed parathas. It is a brilliant idea.

  16. Very creative idea to use leftover aval upma. Looks delicious and inviting...

  17. wow now that is what is called making the best of the dish..:)..sounds interesting sanjeev kapoor surely got the idea from your conversation..LOL!


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