Monday, August 30, 2010

Thengai-arisi payasam - Coconut and rice porridge

The Friday succeeding the Varalakshmi pooja, we use the coconut and the rice which was used in the kalasam to prepare a sweet dish. I will not be able to use up the entire coconut in one go, unless I make coconut burfis and yet another sweet dish with the rice. This is an impossible feat, considering we are just two members in the family.
I end up cooking a small portion of both in one dish and use the rest in other dishes. This time however, I made coconut burfis and this payasam. The rest of the rice, I used up making sevai.

This payasam is quite easy and delectable. It is usually cooked to a thin and drinkable consistency. It was one of the side dishes for plain rice sevai during my childhood years.On days when my grandparents and mother restricted to themselves to eating salt-free dishes, like Kruthigai vratham or Thiruvonam they make this for a light refreshing kanji. The coconut and rice cooked with jaggery and a dash of cardamom and nutmeg added for flavour make this extremely delicious.

Ingredients: ( Serves two)
3 tablespoons freshly grated coconut
2 tablespoons raw rice
1/4 cup powdered jaggery
1 green cardamom crushed until the pods are coarsely powdered
1 pinch of nutmeg powder

This is how you make the payasam:
Soak the raw rice in some water for about half an hour. Add the coconut to the rice and grind to a very fine paste.
Take this paste in a heavy bottomed pan. Add about 300ml water to it. Cook this mixture over moderate heat stirring often to avoid lumps of cooked rice forming therein.

The rice-coconut mixture will cook and the colour will get slightly tarnished as the mixture thickens. You may add more water if required, though it will not be necessary.
Keep this on a low flame and allow to simmer.
Meanwhile, dissolve jaggery in water and strain the scum. Put the pan on the stove and bring the dissolved jaggery water to boil. Allow to boil until raw taste subsides and the jaggery syrup is slightly thick.
Transfer the jaggery syrup to the cooking coconut-rice mix. Stir and blend them completely.
Allow this to come to boil once and take off the heat.
Garnish with crushed cardamom and nutmeg powder.

Serve warm or cold, it will taste just the same...DELICIOUS!!!


  1. very yummy payasam mam...all time favourite of my family...

  2. payasam looks delicious Lataji. Measurements you have given will be sufficient for four of us. Will try it soon

  3. Thank you Srividhya and Vidhya! @ Vidhya, I think so too. We had one whole bowl serving each:)which is quite a lot!

  4. hello lataji ,
    payasam looks very delicious ....never made this payasam before ...must try this soon ..thanks for sharing


  5. Tasty payasam and apt measures which is good enough for a small family.

  6. yummy. Sure would have tasted good. Looks creamy and perfect.

  7. This is new one for me..looks interesting ..

  8. The payasam looks and sounds fantastic ! Loved the red plate that you have placed it on too, so ethnic and beautiful, did you get it in India?

  9. Delicious payasam, thanks for sharing..

  10. Thanks Usha, I love that plate too.It is from Turkey, clay and hand from a very good friend.

  11. I love this payasam, i also make this in adi velli or thai velli. Looks inviting , and the bowl is very nice. Lata akka an award is waiting for you in my blog.

  12. My father makes this good actually :) Love the flavour!

  13. i made this today only , with that coconut used which we putin the kalasam.yours looks delicious

  14. Thank you Priya.
    Vidya thanks a tonne...just going there to collect. will acknowledge in my next post!

  15. Payasam sounds interesting!..didn't the rice flour solidify after boiling?..lovely presentation..

  16. Super,what a colour and texture very droolworthy payasam.


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