Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gajar ka halwa

I found this book, Milkmaid Tasty Collection while clearing my books shelf at my parents place. I had written to Nestle India and they had sent this to me....sometime in December 1986. I have signed it as received on 31 st Dec 1986! I can only recall all the enthusiasm of a new bride to impress! Did I or not, I'd rather leave it there.
However, having found it I dropped it into my bag and brought it here only to find that condensed milk does not make an appearance in the super market shelves as often as I would love to find a can.
Then the other day, I spotted a fresh batch and scooped four tins in my shopping cart. (the next week that shelf is barren again). I had also found good carrots while I was at the gardener who sold me my potted plants.
I sure you have all guessed where this leads to. I needed an excuse to put both of these to use and remembered that I had not made carrot halwa in a long while. The picture in the booklet was just awesomely tempting.
I did not follow the recipe to the letter though. It calls for whole milk and a full can of milkmaid and some sugar too, just optional.
I tried making it slightly low on the fat and did not add the sugar.

Ingredients :
250 grams fresh carrots, washed, peeled and grated finely.
200 ml skimmed milk
100 ml whole milk
About 1/5th of the 385 grams tin of condensed milk
2 tablespoons ghee
8-10 pieces cashew nuts
8 -10 almonds, blanched and slivered
Few raisins
The above recipe serves about three to four.

How to proceed:
Heat 1 tablespoon ghee in a pan and roast the cashews and almonds. Then add the raisins and toss until they puff.
Add milk to the carrots and cook until they are soft.
Once they are soft and the milk is absorbed partly, add the condensed milk.

Cook on slow fire until well combined and just short of dry.
Add the rest of the ghee and combine well, cook for a further 5 minutes.
Remove from the fire and garnish with the roasted nuts and raisins.
Serve warm. Enjoy the goodness of carrots cooked in milk.


  1. Yum this is what you were talking abt in FB :)..I would love to eat the bowl tempting

  2. condensed milk really enhances the taste..looks mom used to make like this..

  3. Lata ji the carrot halwa is looking so exotic..making it with skimmed milk and less ghee makes it little guilt free.

  4. I think condensed milk makes it taste exotic and a easier way too,soon have to try this version as well :)

  5. hmmmmmmmmmm! I am coming over for a quick grab of this entire bowl of lip smacking gajar ka halwa.

  6. Adding condensed milk makes the job easier and makes it rich too. Liked the texture of the halwa.

  7. wow...One of my all time favorite sweets...i make it the same way with condensed truly enhances the taste...:)


  8. Looks divine n yumm condensed milk makes the halwa more yummm

  9. I have no doubt you impressed akka :)
    THe carrot halwa looks delicious and I loved your poli post too.

  10. Condensed milk would have turned this halwa more delicious...great looking carrot halwa, inviting..

  11. One dessert I never get tired of :-)And I would say you made good use of those rarely available condensed milk and the fresh carrots ;-)

  12. Yummmmmm.. I just love carrot halwa to the core.. I would eat up the whole thing that you have made in one shot :) 1986!!! wow.. I was just born :) so that shows how experienced you are in the kitchen :) :)

  13. Yummmm...
    Condensed milk musting b transport it to a different level..

  14. fantastic halwa and i too always make with condensed milk only.

  15. My favorite halwa. Love the ones sold at Sreemithai. Yours look so tempting!

  16. Carrot halwa + milkmaid = no leftover, right? That should be a creamy delicious halwa!

  17. I love Gajar ka halwa but rarely make it coz I find the grating part too tiresome!!Its been ages since I made it too..the bowl of halwa looks delicious!!

  18. Love carrot halwa....looks great.

  19. Mmm yum, rich and delicious:-)

  20. I was searching a good gajar halwa recipe . I got it no.w thnx a lot mam. will surley try and let u know :)

  21. Looks absolutely fantastic.. love it totally.

  22. Love the picture..I must have made the carrot halwa in all possible there is no new method for me try..:))..(just an excuse for me not to make and eat it all myself..LOL)..that book must be a treasure right!


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