Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Simple to make chikku milkshake

One of the simple recipes to make is the milkshake. A wholesome drink that keeps hunger pangs away for quite a while and could be made with just as few ingredients. We always end up having excess fruit in the bowl and I have to think up ways to clear them prior to a visit to the fresh market.

This week during our weekly temple visit the fruit vendor had nice looking, firm yet just ripe Sapodilla, our very own chikku fruit. She was insistent that I buy a dozen at the least. We obliged her making a bargain.

The final lot was what I made the milkshake with.

Skin four chikku fruits and remove seeds.
Cut them in cubes and drop them in the jar of your blender.
Add two cups of skimmed milk. Or use whole milk and ice cubes.
Add sugar as required, depending on how sweet the fruit is and how sweet you like the milkshake to taste.

Blend until very smooth.
Transfer to glasses and serve immediately or chilled just for about few minutes.
Enjoy the goodness of the fruit blended in milk.


  1. we really miss this fruit kids fav one.nice recipe too.looks very creamy

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmm! natural fruit milkshake. We have a restaurant here called Govindas dedicated to isckon there we usually end up having natural fruit icecreams and milk shakes.We usually love chickoo icecreams.Your version of the milk shake looks very tempting and nice.

  3. love this milkshake..looks delicious..

  4. Its has been ages i have shake with chikkus, feel like finishing that whole glass..

  5. Delicious milkshake.Missing it a lot

  6. My fav fruit and milkshake...looks creamy n yummy

  7. I love this fruit. Great looking shake.

  8. Delicious looking Milkshake Lataji. absolutely filling.

  9. One of our fav milkshake..Sometimes the chikoos are sweet enough that I skip adding sugar.

  10. I have not tasted chikku milk shake so far,have to try it soon as soon ... Healthy shake!

  11. Love this Lataji. Love the flavor of suppota.Drooling!


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