Monday, August 15, 2011

Godhumai Halwa for Indian cooking challenge

Members are trying the traditional wheat halwa this time for the Indian Cooking Challenge. Srivalli had given us four recipes that work well and we were given a choice to use any of these, while having a free hand at altering the proportions of sugar and ghee according to our taste.

The recipes that we were given can be enjoyed clicking on the links below:

Kamakshi Diamond shares her mother's wheat halwa

Sowmya gives us a pictoral of her grandmother making the popular Tirunelveli halwa

Srivalli had tried Latha's godhumai halwa for deepavali and shared her recipe here

Finally, my recipe of Tirunelveli Halwa adapted from the iruttukkadai recipe from this link.

Earlier, I had made the halwa which had a loose texture, that cannot be cut in pieces. So I wanted to try making the pieces.
I adapted Latha's recipe as that was the closest to how my grandmother makes viz. boiling the wheat milk and sugar mass together thus reducing it to the final consistency. This is also in concurrence with the iruttukkadai recipe. I was very used to first boiling the sugar to a syrup and then cooking the wheat milk in the syrup until desired consistency was achieved. So I opted to go this way this time on.

However, I found that the ghee in Latha's recipe less for my halwa, possibly because I have always had it with lot of ghee. Also I increased the sugar as suggested by her to get the pieces.
I was able to cut them in pieces and we enjoyed the halwa.

I have not written the recipe out as I am embarking on my holiday and have loads to do before I go.
All the four given recipes work well. Try which may suit you and enjoy the very delectable sweet.


  1. that halwa looks so tempting...looks as if it will melt in ur mouth...yummy

  2. wow so so yummy halwa..perfectly made..

  3. Awesome Lataji.This one has come out well..Drooling over the cuts.

  4. My mom makes by extracting milk from wheat,and i know how much painful it is, looks so tempting that we can take that pain and enjoy this delicacy !!

  5. Such a tempting halwa akka... Hope you are having a fun trip.

  6. Nice pieces. Like the fact that you did not add colour.

  7. Halwa has come out very nicely...looks perfect

  8. i have got to give it a try too. this sweet looks interesting and delectable.

  9. They look truly delectable. I can never manage to cut mine into such nice looking pieces.

  10. You have got neat pieces. Love the color too.

  11. Paathu jollu uttindu irukken...wish I can grab a few out of the screen!!


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