Monday, August 8, 2011

Kiwi fruit juice

Approaching middle age, I am trying to look up nutrition and benefits of foods that we eat. Although I include lot of fruits (as many as vegetables), there were certain fruits, I had not tried. Kiwi was one such fruit that I would almost pick up from the counter and drop back. Since they were always imported into the countries that I have lived, they came with a heavy price tag, for fruits. That may have been the primary reason and the fact that the seeds were crunchy and left an after taste was another put off. Thus, I might slice just one fruit in a fruit salad or add as topping to some custard.
When my blood sugar levels read high with a deranged liver last year, I studiously looked up low sugar, low GI foods to keep my sugar levels in control. Thus I read few articles on the kiwi fruit. Two such can be read in these links here and here. Now, health concern beats the reluctance hands down and I do not mind at all paying the cost for these.
However, I will eat the fruit as such, but it is a task to get my husband have them. So I blend them in juices and get him to drink those.
Last week, for some prayer offerings, I purchased six kiwi fruits and blended few of them in juice.

Skin three kiwi fruits. Blend them in a juicer with sufficient water. Add sugar to taste.
For added taste, squeeze the juice of one medium or two small limes. Adjust the sugar accordingly.

Serve chilled with a few thin slices of the fruit topped in the juice.
I do not strain the seeds after blending. But if you really do not like them, you may do so.


  1. This fruity drink look so nourishing..have always eaten Kiwi in deserts and ice cream..but a kiwi drink sounds so easy and refreshing.

  2. wow simple and quick yet healthy

  3. Perfect summer drink.......

  4. The kiwi juice looks so refreshing and I am so thirsty looking at it.usually we end up eating this as a fruit which is sometimes a bit sour too.
    indu srinivasan

  5. The juice would be crunchy due to the seeds and I would love it :)

  6. wow very nice it!

  7. Yum, beautiful color and refreshingly delicious :)

  8. Love juice with kiwi, feel like finishing that whole glass..


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