Friday, September 23, 2011

Beetroot potato palya - when a man takes charge of the kitchen

I have not done guest posts yet. Though I have been meaning to ask people in the family to share their signature recipes here, the opportunity has not come up. So now I am thrilled that I have an unexpected guest post to share.
If I were to list the good years of my adult life, I may start my list with the three+ years we lived in Johor, for the sole reason that we made some lasting friendships. Now most of us are no longer living in the same country, but it has never felt that we have parted.

I have borrowed a part of a quote I came across recently:

" Even though we've changed and we're all finding our own place in this world, we all know that when tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we'll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we're not all still friends"

Author unkown.
This puts it in a nutshell, so to say.

Coming to today's post, I am proud and happy to share a seemingly simple palya. Yet it is super delicious when your dad / brother/ friend / husband dishes it out for you, don't you think?
Not that any of my friends did not help out in the kitchen when needed, but it was not a norm that they will spring you a surprise meal.
So when Santosh shared a photo link on facebook, I was impressed. He had made this beetroot and potato palya and a sambhar with rice for himself and his daughter. I wanted him to share the recipe, though we were joking about it through the comments thread. As we chatted, the idea of making his recipe in a post developed.
I downloaded the pictures and tweeted his daughter to send me the recipe. She mailed me and the text below is a cut and paste of her mail.
I did not get beets here recently to try and make the same in my kitchen. However, I tried the same with carrots and potatoes. It tastes great, to say the least.


- wash and chop potatoes (3 medium sized) & beetroot (2 medium sized) into small cubes

- cook it in the microwave (autocook) (for those who want to cook on stove top, cook them until tender)

- pour a little oil into a flat bottom pan,
add mustard seeds,
1 chopped onion,
1-2 sliced green chili,
pinch of hing,
salt to taste

- fry until golden brown

- add one spoon garam masala powder

- mix cooked potatoes and beetroot

- add a little water and cook till done

- garnish with coriander, serve!

Simple, don't you think? If I were to write this post up I would not have made it in easy steps as this. That is the difference.
I think, men make simple and no fuss dishes, what do you say? It is time we put our feet up and let them do some work :)

I scheduled this post as part of my wishes to Santosh on his birthday! Happy birthday!!!!!!


  1. Simple yet delicious. A favourite of Kausthub.

  2. Thanks Latha for the wishes and the compliment on my "nalapaka"

    I liked your blog title. One interesting thing is - legendary king Nala in Mahabharata was an excellent cook and well known for his "paka" (recipes) and hence the word "Nalapaka"

  3. lovely and delicious and apt combo.
    indu srinivasan

  4. அடடே!! மாமாவோட கைவண்ணமா இன்னிக்கி!!! பிரமாதமா பண்ணி இருக்கார்.

  5. @ Thakkudu:
    இது இந்த வீட்டு மாமா இல்ல தக்குடு....எங்க friend மாமா, உனக்கு அல் கோர் போனால் கிடைக்கலாம் இந்த பிரம்மாதமான சாப்பாடு !

  6. அல்கோர் ரொம்ப தள்ளி, இல்லைனா ஒரு எட்டு போய் லதாமாமி பேரை சொல்லி சாப்பிட்டுட்டு வரலாம்..:)

  7. You are so right. Men do keep their cooking simple and fuss free. :-)

    Also wanted to let you know that the Clerihew deadline is Nov 30 not Oct 30. I corrected the post thanks to your comment. :-)

  8. Hi I love Beetroot palya that is favourite veggie and with chappati Mmmm.., but I have never made it with potatoes, I have combined beets with carrots, so this is something I have to try!, and Inbtw.., the Quote just brought a lump in my throat, I don't know if I have become more sensitive these days and cry for everything!, I just loved it.. thanks for sharing both these delicious treats..

  9. first time I am unable to make it perfectly. but on second time it was good. now i know how to make it ,, it taste good

    Akash Singh


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