Friday, September 30, 2011

Iced Caramel Machiatto

This month the free spirit bloggers take on something that every coffee lover would want to have. Deepti put us on this Cafe trail, suggesting that we try to clone one coffee shop drink as best as we could.
Well, I am not a coffee person...tea is what I would opt, given the preference. Hence, my coffee making skills are limited (for I do not want to use 'pathetic'). I started having coffee once in a while after I started working; my manager then was so addicted that he would order coffee for all his staff if he were in the mood for one!
The entire side of my father's family are coffee drinkers, to put it light! In the early years of her marriage my mother has had the privilege of her father-in-law making the morning coffee for her! They kept cows and hence he would prepare the filter just when the cowherd would milk the cow. It was that fresh!

My father, would even feed an infant few drops of coffee, and having gotten in that habit for just a little under a year, my daughter has taken after him. She can relish anything that is related to coffee!
Thus when Deepti gave us this challange, I naturally asked Niki to taste, click and ask for the recipe from wherever possible, that I can make at home!

Here's the recipe she gave me:
Source: Pulse Coffee Shop
(this coffee shop is a KU dining services brand)
Iced Caramel Machiatto

Made in a 16 oz cup:
2 shots of espresso (figure out how much you put into a normal cup of coffee and scale according to the size of the cup you are using... basically just depends on how strong you want the coffee.. the caramel makes it very sweet, so do not make the coffee too light!)
2 "pumps" of vanilla syrup (1oz)
2 "pumps" of caramel syrup (1oz)
milk (boiled, and then chilled)
ice cubes
Put expresso and flavouring syrups into cup. Fill about halfway with milk. Mix them a bit so that the syrups don't sit at the base.

Add ice till the cup is about 3/4ths full. (do not add the ice before the milk, because ice will shock the plain espresso and make it bitter)

Top up the glass with milk the rest of the way.

Top up with whipped cream, and drizzle caramel on top. (for the drizzle, you will need caramel sauce, not syrup)
I used Pure ground coffee powder that I buy from an estate in Saklespur, India to make the decoction.
Now, I made sugar syrup and added vanilla for the vanilla syrup.
Just when I was wondering if I shall buy caramel sauce (Hershley's sells a bit pricey here), Deepti's post on home made caramel sauce was up and I rejoiced! I could make the caramel sauce at home too!
I bought the whipping cream to top the drink...and I had something that looked very nearly the same as what my daughter sent! I can not compare the taste though, I may admit that even I liked it.

I served this with home made eggless apple cinnamon muffins. (recipe coming up soon)
Few (read many) trials to get the near coffee shop effect has turned me into a coffee taster - tester.

Now head on to other Free Spirit Bloggers' exclusive home coffee-shop and enjoy a total coffee experience!


  1. Looks very yum not much of coffee person either ...more on tea but am sure I will like this ...those muffin looks so good too ...waiting for recipe

  2. I loved it! I like all cold drinks like this in coffee shops :) So tempted now ;)

  3. looks awesome ma!! (it actually looks better than the Pulse one, in comparison, if u ask me ;-p ) hehehe!

  4. Lataji, you're the first person from South India (and a Tambrahm at that) who I've heard saying this about coffee. But, for all that you've said, I'd like to agree with Niki. What you've served up here is just amazing. I have my post almost ready. Will shoot it soon. And, thanks for trying the Caramel Sauce. Who knew it was so easy, right? On a warm day that would pass by in the near future, I will make this Iced Caramel Macchiato. Thanks for bringing home this one, Lataji!

  5. wow, that sounds superb and so wonderful. I would love something like that any day :)

  6. what an exquisite creation. the post makes an interesting read.....

  7. I am not at all a coffee drinker... but I have to agree with Niki, yours looks better than the real one :)

  8. I would love to have this anytime. I am a huge fan of coffee and just by looking at the clicks I am drooling.Awesome!!!

    Kindly collect an award from my blog @

  9. delicious looking drink looks wonderful

  10. Looking delicious,I am your new follower,you have a wonderful space with lots of recipe.Please do drop at my space.

  11. Coffee is the first thing, that starts my day, Tea is ok, that too only in the evening!!!! Iced Caramel looks very tempting!!!! Bookmarking!!!! Visiting other FSB's for the visual treat!!!!


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