Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'Whom the Gods love, die young' - in memory of a dear friend

The morning of the 12th of October dawned gloomily with heavily overcast skies in Lagos. I guess it was an omen of what was waiting in my mail box.
As is my routine, I bid my husband goodbye as he leaves for work, walk into my study and turn my computer on before proceeding for my walk and shower. This morning I do not know why, but I logged in to my Facebook account first.
Just then Aparna and then Harini messaged me informing the untimely death of a friend, a fellow blogger and a very special person Jayasree Satish.
To say that I was shocked would be the understatement of the year, for just a few days ago I had spoken to Jayasree and exchanged news about the navrathri celebrations. There was no indication of an ailment whatsoever that day.To comprehend the fact that she succumbed to pneumonia was (and still is) difficult for me.

Jayasree, for many who may know her, was a talented person. She managed work from home, tried as best as she could to follow traditions as ordained in the South Indian culture and was a very loving and caring individual.

I knew her through our mutual blogs initially. Then one fine morning we started chatting through social network sites, and with time the frequency increased and the topics varied ranging from our interests to families and beyond. The friendship developed irrespective of the differences in our age and the difference in time zones for we lived half way across the globe.

It was convenient that when on holiday, we travel by road to Udipi where my parents-in-law live, from our home in Coimbatore. We would chalk out the itinerary to include a detour in Palakkad, where at that time, she lived. We would just give her a call and drop by because it was not a long distance from Coimbatore to her home.

My husband fully recalls how animatedly she spoke even the very first time we met in person. She was full of smiles and news that the respective spouses had no choice but to leave us to ourselves.
It thrilled us to know that she was featured on television. The fact that they moved to a new city gave us an opportunity to visit them there.
When stuck with a recipe idea, I might call her to discuss; let her know if something worked to satisfaction and she might just do that. Even trivial matters were discussed, joked about and shared.

That lively girl no longer lives in this earth today. It is not just "Jayasree lived; Jayasree died", for she had touched many a heart, each of us knowing her in our own ways. The 'wall' on facebook is filled with tributes for the departed soul. I only wish that she had lived to see the love she deserved. Age has been no bar; the young and old alike want her back amidst us and are at a loss to comprehend the ways of The Almighty.

To honour the memory of her, I join my friends Aparna and Harini from the food blogging fraternity to request you to be part of 'TRIBUTE JAYASREE''
This was an idea we were pondering upon soon after we received news about her demise. At the very instant we were discussing the same, Niv Mani suggested that we honour her by cooking recipes that she shared with much love. We are thrilled that many of you share our sentiments.
So here is what we would do to give her back the love she spread.

Please try recipes from her website Experiments in Kailas Kitchen.
Take pictures of the dish you have replicated (without altering them).
Visit her page 'Kailas Kitchen' on facebook, post your picture there with the link to the original recipe.
You are welcome to try as many recipes as you can. If you have something to say about her (not the recipe), please feel free to add that too.
This is an appeal to all of whom who have known her, not restricting to a small group of food bloggers.
I am hoping that many of you will willingly do this to render our support to her family during these hard times and show her our love and appreciation.
I sign off wishing that I never do such a post again, for it has been painful to coin words; I hope everyone who reads outlive me.


  1. It is loss for many of us who followed her recipes; thankyou for this post Lata.

  2. Lataji,

    sorry to hear about Jayasree. Sure I will try to post some recipe to honor her memories.

  3. Shocked since I read this news at Valli's.RIP Jayasree.You are always in my prayers.

  4. Oh, that is indeed a very sad news. Even I follow her and admire her recipes. It is in fact shocking to note that she is no more. May her soul rest in peace and may God give the family strenght at this hour of grief.

  5. I was thinking about this Lataji and wanted to ask..I already did it today, my today's post was from her page..miss her..

  6. Though I have never interacted with her personaly, I too felt so bad as you when I heard the news, I love her blog and her recipes. I will sure participate..Nice post.As you said wish she is alive to see how much people love her.

  7. This really brought tears to my eyes Lataji. A very touching tribute and yes wish she been there to see all this love.

  8. My condolences! Its a great thing you are doing o honor her. May she rest in peace

  9. I couldnt stop my tears, personally i never met her but she is someone who was very much close to my heart virtually, am missing her and her encouraging words..RIP Jayashree, will definitely participate..

  10. Such a touching post Lata. I agee to your title. I remember beeing so shocked when i heard the news in FB.

  11. We're together in this Lata. Will miss her and always remember her smiling face.

  12. Lata Ji,

    I have known jayashree for only 1 year as my husband's colleague's wife...but as all of us know how she captures our heart., needless to say she became my closest buddy,,,only then I knew about her blog...had tried some recipes and asked her advice also...was following the blog,,,I and my husband were there in the hospital with her family from the time she was admitted...but our prayers could not bring her back,,,she eventually left all of us....still not able to believe that my lovely friend is not with us...Will surely try to honour her recipes.

  13. I knew Jayashree only through the blog. The first time she visited my blog and left a comment I was very happy on having found someone from Palakkad...Just to think that she is no more makes me very sad...I very much appreciate your effort..would definitely partcipate

  14. @Ranjini, thank you so much for writing to me. I can only fully agree and understand your sentiments.

  15. Lata, What a beautiful tribute to Jayashree. Reading it brought tears to my eyes, though I did not know her personally. I really wish I did. Through this post I know what a dyamic and magnetic personality she was who has touched so many lives.But ur right 'Whom the Gods love, die young" !!! I would love to try out her recipes and post it on Fb, thats the least I can do.

  16. Lathaji,
    Sorry to hear about Jayashri,surely will try to do from her recipes.

  17. Oh My God, Its such a a shocker.I opened my blogger after a long time to see such a news.I have interacted with her many times through her posts and emails, such a sweet lady. I really feel very sad. May her soul rest in peace.

  18. I ve known Jayashree through blogging world and followed her blog from long time. It is heartbreaking and unbelievable to know she left at the very young age.

  19. I knew Jayashree only through the blog. Reading it brought tears to my eyes, though I did not know her personally. I really wish I did. missing a great person.

  20. sad and shocking news indeed..... she will surely be missed. RIP Jayashree.

  21. Truly this is touching post and even though i have not interacted with her in person, it was really heartbreaking when I saw your message in FB. May her soul rest in peace surely its a great loss for her family that too in this young age.

  22. I knew her from college days...discovered her blog couple of years back and got inspired to start my own too!
    I don't know if I am upto making a recipe from her blog now, it seems too painful a task, but can I post links from her blog of my favourite dishes or recipes?
    The 'Tribute Jayasree' is an excellent idea, so grateful you came up with it, want to take part in it.

  23. @ Rajani, sure you can do that...however big or small the gesture matters. go ahead. And thank you for writing back.

  24. This is a lovely tribute to her akka... I hope to contribute to this gesture as well.

  25. SO unbelievable for me!! very sad -I did not know her as well as many of you - hardly, but the shock is irrepressible!

  26. I knew her via blogging only. Was following her. But since I was not in town so couldn't access my mails and Fb. Later came to know about this unbelievable fact !!
    Will miss her. May she rest in peace. Will definitely participate

  27. Hi, Lataji..first time here...I came to know about her from apara's space...though I personally do not know her...I felt very saddened by her sudden demise...I will surely participate. Happy to follow u.

  28. I was checking blogs after a long time and saw this sad news right now. This is a very shocking news for me. I have known her through blogging world and been following her blog. I will definitely try a recipe from her blog as a tribute to a dear friend. May her soul rest in peace.

  29. This post brought tears to me... i havent known her but the way u portrayed her makes me feel i should hav known such a wonderful person.i opened her blog now and there is a section "mail me" how badly i wish she is there to read our mails.... i hav seen her names in many of the blogs while browsing through comments..... so nice of her to encourage co bloggers with her heartfelt comments...........i pray for her soul to rest in peace....

  30. She was a wonderful blogger. I love her recipes a lot. My prayers for her soul to rest in peace and may god give the courage and strength to her family ..!
    Tasty Appetite

  31. I am not a blogger. jayshree chechi and family were my uncle's neighbours.This photo brings back all the childhood memories to my mind. Its been more than 15 years since i met chechi and it indeed sadden me to see chechi in this photo as a person who is no more. pretty hard to digest . how i wish i never saw this and make my mind to believe that she lives somewhere happy with family.Praseeda.

    1. Thank you Praseeda. I too wish things were different and she were among us. But God has His ways and I only wish that she is in peace.


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