Thursday, January 3, 2013

Of New Year Resolutions and keeping or discarding them


I was blissfully unaware of ‘new year resolutions’ until one fine January morning in college our professor walked into the class greeting us a very fruitful new year and put a question as to what each one of our newest resolution for the years to come would be. You see, she meant that you do not make the resolution now and let it go the next year, just that we never made serious commitment to anything then.
Each year after that year, I would ponder over a new - year resolution and eventually give up even considering one, for I was sure that I will let it die on me at the least excuse. For, I always had some lofty goals which were meant not to work. What else? Had I followed any of those, I would be a much improved human.
But you see, true to my Taurus trait I can be stubborn and that holds for anything I set my mind on. If I made a resolution, I will resolutely follow. That I do not consider making them regularly is not of any relevance. And they were not made on any New Year’s Day. I made them myself and that is reason enough for me to stick to them. Some were made on a moment's impulse, but have been kept and going.
This time, I thought why not and set myself a task to see through this year, the year after and the years after that too.
For one I am planning to use my pen more often than I have been in the past years. I will use the pen in the literal sense; I will start writing down anything I want to save than putting a link to it in my hard disc. Gone are the days that I used to write and maintain journals. Now my fingers complain after writing a few lines and I listen to them. That will change.
That I will walk more than sit glued to the 15” screen of the laptop, be it around the house, be it around the compound with a camera for company.
That I will read at the least few of the books dad buys for us.
That I will get to the task of removing clutter, so the next time the packers will not complain.
I hope that I will make these promises I make myself work. Wish me luck.
May this new year bring you more joy and peace.
My friends Sra and Aparna have started a “Fifty 2 weeks of 2013 project” that I am joining in with this post. Do look forward to the next weeks with topics that will interest you.


  1. Hope I m atleast half disciplined as you!!!!! Reading all those resolutions my list is getting lonnnnngg!!!!

  2. You are just mirroring my thoughts Lata ji. The resolutions I make mostly die by the end of January or in the worst case by Feb. This time I don't want to fail because if I do I will fail as a Parent and I just can't accept it. I have just requested Sra/Aparna to accept my request to join the FB group. I am sure by joining the wonderful people I will stay motivated. Thank you for the SMS (not sure if you received my reply). Wishing you and your family a very happy, peaceful, healthy and fruitful New Year. Hugs.

  3. Had I followed any of those, I would be a much improved human. - That line made me laugh!
    Here's wishing you an year of more writing, more walking, more decluttering!

  4. Wish you a very Happy New Year !! Haven't been here for a while, loved your post and your resolutions ! Looking forward to more of your posts on your new fifty 2 week project :)

  5. You are great, in my case I will be out of resolutions as soon it was made.

  6. All the best for keeping and achieving all ur resolution! Happy new year 2013

  7. Oh, I wish you luck Lata. And I'm probably going to be doing more of all those things myself this year. :)

  8. Nice . No resolutions me too. Face whatever comes :)

  9. Using the pen more is a really good resolution.....I can hardly bring myself to write any more. Whenever I need to make notes, it is so much easier to use the phone/laptop.

  10. Knowing you , you will keep all those promises, same here i didn't even know aobut the word till i came here :-)

  11. I dropped totally taking resolutions since a long, as i hardly follow them, so no resolutions of me. Good luck with the fifty two weeks project akka.

  12. We will write and declutter together in the New Year. Best of luck with your resolutions. :-)


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