Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fifty 2 weeks of 2013 Week 9 Colour of the Week

Given that we, my husband and me, have few friends and limited social activities, my days go by without much to mention. The usual mundane tasks carried out day in and day out, mine- cooking cleaning, pressing clothes, keeping house and such. His – Work, work and more work. To say the least, we lead a very boring life. I find ways to kill ennui and try to plan a few tasks that interest me.
Writing this blog gives me reason to try recipes for putting up here or trying from other blogs to pep my menu with variety. Then there is a new found love for photography keeps me more than engaged. Not that I am a good one at that, but I love to try a few ideas with the camera.
I avidly read many photography pages and blogs, many times wishing that I may be somewhat good bordering in those remotely at the least.
Thus when this week’s theme – photography only, was announced  in our Fifty 2 Weeks of 2013project, the first thought that I thought was I will post a picture of water and caption it "I envision my week to be as colourless but clear as water".
Talking of water, it is one of my favourite subjects for photography. Be it the sea and rolling waves, that spray when they hit the rocks, or calmly sitting inside the glass to be consumed or falling as rain and droplets glittering on leaves. These pictures speak for my awe for water.

Then around last week I came across a new concept of capturing oil drops in water and that got me hooked on. So I looked up more videos and write ups on this concept.
Many dealt with simple, inexpensive equipment and some knowledge in handling your camera, though there were many advanced techniques that are beyond my comprehension.

 This is all you need to set up and importantly, your faithful camera. a clear scratch-free glass bowl, something to hold the bowl about a feet high above the surface, few colourful material, paper/ cloth anything, water and few spoons of oil.
That did not deter me from trying and what you see are results of my experiment.

 I added some red food colour to the water :)


What has this to do with the theme, you may ask. Like I mentioned in my note for the last week’s theme, life is what you make of it. It can be boring and dull without such small challenges that make it as colourful as these. I fill my week with activities that interest me, sewing, cooking, baking and photography. They make my weeks and life colourful and worth enjoying all of them.
This is how my week has been until now and I hope it will be through the next. So long then.
I hope and wish you all have a week/  many weeks in fact, that are colourful and cheerful.
More pictures can be found in an album I am sharing on my facebook page.


  1. OMG i loved it completely ! colours are amazing Esp the idea of getting is :) wow :)

  2. Lata, beautiful! Water and rains have always been special for us transplants away from the monsoon showers.
    I will try this too.:-)

  3. Beautiful clicks.....what I like even more is how you've interpreted the colorlessness of water and how small things turn it into something vividly beautiful.

  4. I just typed out a comment and can't find it anywhere here :-(
    Beautiful clicks, Lata. What I love even more is the way you've interpreted the colourlessness of water and how something small can turn it into something beautiful.

  5. Colourful..Rainbow colours are seen in the rain drops.

  6. nice idea and good effort...
    innovative idea of capturing water droplets. beautiful clicks..
    I love last 5 pics...really those are amazing pics..

  7. Deep indeed, Lata! I loved the idea of the week being colourless but clear - even though that sounded a little sad, I know you didn't feel that way really! And your oil project made for a very interesting week! I'm going to try this.

  8. lovely pictures a feast for the eyes and captured beautifully and naturally, especially the oil drops in the water.

  9. What a great idea. I think I shall attempt this.

  10. Beautiful pictures! I love all the water shots, it is so calming to look at water, whether its raindrops or the mighty sea.

  11. Beautiful clicks, water droplets can be this marvelous I didn't know.

  12. awesome........this looks amazing..treat to eyes.. which camera do you use? amazing Latha :)

    1. Mine is a Nikon D7000. I have used the 35 mm, f/1.8 for a few and the 105 mm f/2.8 for others. Manual mode, at a mid f point.

  13. Loved the oil on water pictures - too beautiful


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