Friday, June 20, 2014

Akki Rotti

I have read many posts on this akki rotti and it was a bit intimidating to have a  go at it. Then one fine evening, I was given an easy recipe and was guided by the chefs at The Gateway Hotel, Bangalore. They have this programme where you cook along with their team - The Chef's Hat - cook along a recipe that is on their menu. I chose to try my hand at the akki rotti and the jalebis.
I had wanted to make the recipe at home and then blog about it, and  as it has become a routine with me, I ended up not fulfilling. Again we were allowed entry to the kitchens of Vivantha by Taj where they repeated this recipe and served us. I picked up a printed recipe from their kitchen for this and the  Kaadu Manga kari (another post pending!)

Days rolled into months and one afternoon for lunch I made them. My daughter was around and she clicked the pictures too. Again there were other things on mind and this post never materialised. That was until two days ago, when my daughter called to check if I did not have those pictures and is that why I did not post it in the blog. She was planning to make them for dinner and looked up this space.
It initiated a long conversation with me giving her the recipe and tips. She sent the pictures of her good looking rotis to her father and that brought out this post. I had actually started off on another draft, but changed my mind and here I am sharing the easy version akki rotti.

Akki Rotti/ Akki Otti 

Recipe as guided by Team Gateway Bangalore/ kitchens of Vivantha Coorg

Makes 10 rottis


1/2 cup raw rice (Sona mansuri/ Kolam rice/ Thai Jasmine rice/ Basmati - will all work)
6 to 8 tablespoons rice powder (fine powder would work best)
4 to 5 green chillis chopped
1 red onion chopped
3 tablespoons chopped fresh coriander leaves
2 teaspoons cumin seeds (optional)
Salt to taste
Few tablespoons cooking oil for greasing the surface and for cooking the rotis

You may add grated carrots, shredded cabbage as desired


Rinse the rice in few changes of water and pressure cook adding sufficient water.
Allow the rice to cool. You shall be able to mash the rice with your palms well.
Take the rice in a larger bowl or a flat dish. Add the salt, corainder and onion. Work the rice with the heel of your palm and mash it along with the added ingredients.
Add the rice powder in small increments as much as needed incorporating it to the dough.
Keep adding the rice powder and knead the dough until it is not sticking to your palms. do not add so much that the dough becomes very dry either.
By the end of the process you shall be able to make rounded portions of the dough that is not sticky and holds shape.
Divide the dough in 10 portions and make small balls of it.
Keep the dough in a bowl covered with a damp cloth.
You may pat the dough on a small cut banana leaf or on a plastic sheet.
Grease the surface of the sheet with some oil.
Put one of the dough ball in the centre and pat the dough with your hands shaping it in a circular disc that is about 1/4" thick.
If the dough is cracking at the edges, dip your finger in some water and gather it and seal the crack.
As you are working on the dough place a heavy griddle on heat.
Once the griddle is hot enough, gently peel the patted rotti off the sheet and transfer it to the griddle.
Smear some oil around the rotti and cook on one side first for1/2 a minute. Flip it over and smear a little more oil, cook until this side has been cooked well.
Remove and transfer to the serving dish.
Meanwhile you would have been able to pat out the next dough portion. Cook this to a rotti.
Likewise work all the dough and pack them one on top of the other on the serving dish.
Take care that a patted out dough does not dry out much, else it will tear while flipping or taking out.
Serve the rotti hot with soppina saaru which is a gravy with greens/ spinach, or a stew of your choice.
I have here served with a coconut milk based vegetable stew.
This is an easy rotti to make with cooked rice. I would love to try the pounded rice cooked to a dough version that I find in many blogs. I hope to make them soon and be able to share too, until then enjoy these.


  1. I tried making this with just rice flour and didn't like it as much as the one we make with Upma Rava (Bhakri). I also saw a few posts where they use leftover rice along with rice flour. Will make this soon. But as a breakfast item. How crisp is the final product ? The rava bhakri that we make is served with a dollop of butter or eaten with pickle.

  2. Will try this for sure :) Looks superb!!

  3. I wish South Indian restaurants added these sort of dishes on their menu.

  4. Looks wonderful. Will have to try this

  5. Looks wonderful. Will have to try this

  6. Roti looks delicious....happy to follow u mam....


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