Thursday, June 26, 2014

Avocado and Cilantro chilled soup

One fruit I got introduced to quite late, (only a few years ago) is avocado. I had been ignorant of its many benefits and even if it had been placed on the stands of the supermarkets, I may have walked past not knowing how to use it. Then with gained knowledge from many food blogs, and since we had a fruit yielding tree in the garden, I had wanted to use it. I could not however, get my husband to get used to the pretty bland tasting fruit. I made avocado chappathis from Pavithra's blog once and tried the gaucamole once; and that was it until recently. My friend told me that she pays heavily for the fruit in her country and she just scoops it up and eats as is. That would have been a bit tough for me to eat it raw. So the fruit had to be kept waiting until I find a way to cook it.
In the past few months, my daughter shares her everyday news and there is always food that we cooked being discussed. The other day she told us that she had just put in the fridge a cold soup with avocado and cilantro made with yoghurt. That got me and I tried the same for our lunch. I must say that they are a wonderful combination. Given that we are awaiting monsoons and the weather has been this way one day and that way another, this soup was a welcome chilled dish to have on a particularly hot afternoon.
I have copied my daughter's e mail with the recipe and her pictures. I have added my trial at the end. As you will see, I had to opt to garnish with tomatoes cucumber and coriander as I did not get fesh mint here. I made do with 1/2 of one large fruit a generous fist of coriander, a cup of yoghurt - that served  two of us along with steamed vegetables, paneer and kebabs in rice paper wraps.

Niki's recipe follows:
Serves sumptuously three portions.

 " here's the approximate recipe.. I looked at a bunch of blogs, all of which have multiple versions of this, and have added or omitted an ingredient or two - so this is my version.
2 medium sized ripe avocados - diced
1 cup cilantro
1 cup yogurt (this is a little here and there in terms of measurement - I went straight out of the yogurt box with my big spoon about 6 times.. but most people say equal amounts of yogurt and cilantro)

1 tsp lemon juice (I didn't add this but I think it would really taste great)
Water - to be added a little bit at a time to the blender, till you are comfortable with the consistency
mint and cucumber - to garnish.
salt and pepper - to taste

Put the avocado, cilantro, lemon juice and yogurt into the blender.
Add some water and run the blender till you make a smooth paste.
Add salt and pepper.
Keep adding water and blending till you achieve the consistency of thick soup.

Chill the soup for a few hours.
Garnish with mint and chopped cucumber to serve.
This isn't very set in stone, in terms of measurements and things, but close enough, I think :) if you manage to get an avocado, try it. Its really nice. The quantity that came out of this was quite enough for three portions."

The above picture is my trial at home. I made it medium thick, more soupy, not as thick as Niki had.
I squeezed a wedge of lime extra and my husband did with some more black pepper.
I might now try more combinations with avocado and yoghurt. Meanwhile make this and enjoy.


  1. Healthy & creamy soup, simply love the pics...

  2. It looks so pretty. I've eaten a chilled, green soup like this. Not sure if it had avocado. It had garlic to flavour it.

  3. Love chilled soup while the weather is too hot.. Soup looks very creamy.


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