Monday, July 7, 2014

I will be at the first of its kind Indian Food Bloggers Meet –Will you be there too?

I am writing this post, I pause to check my packing checklist again. Going home to India is always exciting for me, no matter how often I go. It has only been a few months that I am back here after spending about three months, yet I am going again. This time I am as excited for the time I get to spend with my parents and a little more for I am going to be attending the Indian Food Bloggers Meet in August.

This idea had been brewing in the minds of four like-minded people who have spared no attempt to make it happen and see to that all will go smoothly. On a Skype call, some day late this last May, Aparna, one of the organisers told me about this and few more details as there was nothing in full shape yet. That made me wanting to plan to be part of something of such magnitude.
Four ladies, who share the same passion for excellence in whatever they do, thought that they should introduce more of us to each other and give us much more. They planned this Meet, inviting us to join.  They planned it for months on, to make this, first of its kind in India a memorable one for those who attend. Though there are limited slots they have tried to accommodate most of the people who have shown interest. I am happy to be one to register participation. There is a blog where they give us updates. With each post I read, my excitement grows. At the same time I am apprehensive as to how I might fit amidst so much talent that will be evident when I am physically there. But the anticipation overpowers the apprehension.
Why do I want to be there?
Through my blog, I have made friends; few of us have more interaction, while some others, I only know virtually. Sitting in some remote African country, I work the time zone differences to my advantage and keep in touch more. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet some of them for real? To me their blogs are an introduction and to get to know someone I would love to. I am hoping this event will provide an opportunity. That I am about to meet some forty other people, who share the same interest, is something I am looking forward to.
 I have been writing this blog for a little longer than five years now, however intermittently. Yet there is a nagging doubt about how much reach do I have? What more should I learn, what’s that my reader looks in this space and my blog? I know not the answers to these.  I might find out there?
Otherwise they have planned a few sessions that are going to help the likes of me to pick up points in that direction.

I am to understand that some very talented bloggers are willingly going to introduce us to many aspects of food blogging. Does my picture make you think, “Oh, I need to try this”? Does my writing interest you to read further? I do not know. But I am sure that someone there is going to give me a chance to know what I need to do more. How to present what I have put on the table for my family to kindle your interest, someone is going to introduce me to that aspect. And this is not all; I am, as I willingly label myself, ‘wary of technology’. To try something that I have to learn only through technology intimidates me a bit. Though I do not expect that one will hold my hand and take me there, I am hoping someone is going to tell me it is easier than what I think. Someone there will reassure me that they have ‘Been there, done that’ and that it is okay.

What am I hoping to experience?
With all the meticulous planning that the amazing organisers have put in, I am sure it will be a fun event with friendly food bloggers from throughout India. They have timetabled sessions that will expose me to blogging and beyond that. Guest speakers and interactive workshop sessions are sure to help me improve. I am sure that I will learn from the knowledge and talent that will shine there. Interactions with cookbook authors, food critics and more talented people, you cannot but take home knowledge.

I am sure that my network will expand; there are going to be new friendships made. Share interests and experiences with fellow bloggers. That might bring me more blogs to read and more friends to talk to.
Then there are the sponsors with their products for our tasting and testing and a few goodies to carry home with me. 

Summing it up, I have signed up to be part of the INDIAN FOOD BLOGGERS MEET that is planned for the 1st and 2nd of August 2014 and completed the registration process. Have you?
My travel plans are in place and so is the accommodation during the event with thanks to the organisers and a friend. Are your plans in full shape yet? Hurry and tick your checklist.
And to me the countdown begins :) If you are going to be there, see you then; if you are wishing to be there, try your luck and find a few slots are there or all sold out. 
If all fails, be the first to register next year, good luck.
If you would like updates on the event, all you have to do is, like their page on face book, find them on twitter handle .

All of the images in this post have been shared from the Indian Food Bloggers Meet Blog with many thanks to the organisers.


  1. Thank you , Lata for writing this post and sharing the news. We're really looking forward to meeting you soon. :)

  2. Enjoy the meet Lataji, I am sure you will have great time and so many others will learn so much from you..

  3. Lata, thank you for sharing your anticipation for the event. Im as excited to meet this family I only otherwise know online :) See you in Bangalore!

    1. Thank you for thinking this out and all the planning too. I would be looking forward to meeting in person.

  4. Lata, I am very happy to know you plan to attend the meet. I'm eagerly waiting to meet up with you. As you have put it so well, I cannot wait to learn, absorb, and enrich myself more. The opportunity to meet our 'virtual friends' is a great factor too! See you soon.

  5. Thanks to team IFBM, this is going to be exciting! Looking forward to meet you!

  6. It would have been great to be there and meet all of you, but I am getting back to India after a long stay with my daughter just a couple of days ahead of the meet and would be near impossible to get the house in shape and travel to attend. As you mention... maybe next year.


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