Saturday, February 28, 2015

Teas again for Black and white Wednesdays 158

Time and again I profess my tea addiction. I stock up on varieties of teas. While I like, black, green and white teas all the same, my husband likes his black with milk added, flavoured with ginger or the typical Indian masala chai.
This box of three blends of Orange Pekoe teas was brought by a friend who travels from Europe to Togo, on business, often enough to keep my supplies refreshed.

This picture of my special teas is to be sent to Black and White Wednesdays 158, this fortnight being hosted by Shri @ Tiffin Carrier Antic/ques. The idea of  Black and White Wednesdays for food related photographs was initially conceived by Susan @ The Well Seasoned Cook and is now continued and presently being administered at Cinzia's Cindystar blog.

Most times I prefer black tea with a hint of lemon in it, though I do not add sugar, honey sometimes gives my tea the best taste.

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  1. Thank you for participating in the BWW # 158 Lata. Not easy to source good teas outside of Europe. :-)


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