Monday, September 27, 2010

Baking with CCN -a Friday noon filled with fun!

If you happen to stumble upon Madhuri's Cook-curry Nook, you are sure to spend an entire day drooling over pictures and never stop smiling while you read through her posts. There is more than just recipes in her posts. You can visualise her nook as you read them through....just like watching a show on TV. Seeing is believing. Drop by her blog which is just a click away to here.
She had posted her basic eggless sponge loaf cake and I fell in love with the gloss topped moist cake then and there. I wonder how many stats I would have contributed to her visitors' counts, for I went back to the cake again and again and......never mind the count!
I had planned to bake it soon. Lo! by then three or more people had tried and tasted the same. I was putting it off too long, I realised. The other day I was chatting online with her. The said cake was in discussion, and she tells me about what she was baking that very minute.

I've cut the cake and not sliced...
Few hours later we are again catching up and she promises to post the whole wheat bread soon. She had borrowed the basic bread idea from Divya's Chef In You and tweaked the recipe to suit ingredients available. One look at the picture of her post, I was almost off my chair walking towards the kitchen.

So my Friday afternoon was spent on a baking expedition with Madhuri. As with me always, I copied the recipes on whatever paper was hand reachable, clipped it at a convenient spot and proceeded. I could not resist boasting about it on facebook too.

Recipe clipped on the window next to the counter:)
We, (read my husband, myself, my always) munched on the goodies that evening.
I sent her my comments and told her about making a post. I would have put this off to a later date but for the prompt from my daughter yesterday. Niki was all ears to my tales and wanted to have a virtual treat. So here is it for her and the rest of you.

For these recipes and many more take a peek into Cook-curry Nook. Happy baking!!!


  1. Prefectly baked cake, looks super spongy..

  2. Lataji,
    Thank you for all those kind words! Thanks also, for trying out both these recipes and sharing it here...its very motivating, coming from such a senior blogger like you. Im glad you and Rajaji loved both bakes! Who wouldn't, when both of them look so yummy-licious! I love the fancy-shmancy patterns on your bread, and all the wonderful pictures in this post.

    Your hand-written recipe clipped to your window grill reminds me so much of me, cos I do the same thing! Only, I dont clip it, I use a magnet to hold it in place :)

    Thanks much for the tastymonials, once again :)


    P.S: And no wonder the traffic on CCN was a wee bit more than usual in the last few days. Now I know who's responsible for!

  3. Lataji, I seriously envy your gardener! all these goodies to tuck in, nothing else is needed..

  4. mmmmmmmmmmmm!yum yum cake and perfectly baked.

  5. Cake Looks great Lataji!!! I m headed there to CCN.

  6. m having tea right now..wanna grab a slice from your plate..;)

  7. The cake looks too delicious Lata Ji..Anytime would be tea time with this cake around!!

  8. Looks yumm and delicious !! Such a super spongy cake !!


  9. That looks so good akka. So, uncle is enjoying all the goodies i hope :)

  10. Looks delicious and spongy cake. Nice one.

  11. that looks soooooooooo good ma!! i subscribed to cook-curry nook's email updates just to drool over the amazing looking food there too, along sude urs, btw ;) hehehe!

  12. Cake looks soo good and yummy!!

  13. looks so yummy....Cake has come out very well...

  14. Bookmarked! I cant believe its an eggless cake! Lovely texture!


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