Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Parippu pradhaman for Varalakshmi pooja

My never ending quest with Tried and Tasted for the current edition brings you Parippu pradhaman from Aparna. Srivalli is hosting this event, started by Zlamushka to celebrate fellow bloggers, and has been taken over by Lakshmi. The fact is that Valli has chosen the most Diverse Kitchen, for there, you would find everything you might fancy to cook.

My usual payasam for Varalakshmi pooja would have been the undili payasam a quick make up with the ingredients that go into different items on that day's menu. It is done so for convenience and save time. This year, since my husband was away on an official trip and was expected only that evening, I set myself to prepare something more elaborate. So I prepared the parippu pradhaman looking up Aparna's recipe. I have been doing most other things that I am posting this after about a fortnight.

I had prepared the coconut milk beforehand and had powdered the jaggery too as always during festivals. So cooking the pradhaman was not a task, given the hassles of a festival day where you cooked as well as performed the pooja.

The pradhaman was creamy, rich with the coconut flavour and had just the sweetness that you may enjoy. It was the right payasam for that day as we have many other dishes on the menu that will leave you feeling full forever.

My husband reached home ravaneously hungry having skipped breakfast and eaten a meagre lunch. He felt it was such a welcoming bowl of pradhaman.

VERDICT: LIPSMACKING :) I shall pass the compliment on to Aparna.


  1. Pradhaman has its own flavour. Happy yoyu have tried it on Pooja. Has come out perfect. I want to grab the vadais from the plate.

  2. Delicious pradhaman, makes me drool..

  3. Love this a lot :-) But the problem is that at my home I'm the only jaggery lover, so I'll have to wait some guests to come to make payasamas like this :-)

  4. Vadai and payasam looks very tempting,I love all these traditional payasams :)

  5. ♥Olá, amiga!
    Passei para uma visitinha...
    Isso é tudo de bom!!!
    Deliciosa receita e bela foto do prato.
    Boa semana!♥
    ♥♥♥ Brasil

  6. droolworthy pradhaman and lovely crispy vadais.

  7. Another wonderful entry from you Lataji..thank you!


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