Sunday, May 17, 2009


Poruvilangai is a sweet that my paatti used to make. The texture is terribly hard but once you bite into it, the aroma of roasted gram and the dry ginger (sukku podi) is simply great. I have been looking for the recipe for a long time and in one of my mother's tattered note book pages I found it written in pencil!!!!! The paper was so brown and brittle that I'm thankful atleast the recipe was in its fullest. She didn't write down the exact quantity of jaggery,but I managed to calculate and make the sweet. Surprisingly,my husband who is wary of my new or my very own recipes, did like this one very much. That fact encourged me to post it for the rest of you too.


- Moong Dhal -1 & 1/2 cups
- Channa Dhal -1 cup
- Whole Wheat -1/4 cup
- Coconut - 2tbsp (chopped thin strips)
- Dry ginger (sukku) -2 tbsp (powdered)
- Jaggery (powdered)-2 & 1/4 cups

Dry roast separately the dhaals and the wheat. Pound them just about finer than semolina.

Mix all of them with the coconut pieces and dry ginger powder.

Make a syrup with the jaggery, to the consistency that, a few drops dropped into water feels soft to the fingers but can still be rolled.

Spread the flour in a big plate and add the syrup to it.While still warm, shape them into balls (kuzhakattai shape). No ghee is added. You may grease your palms just a bit in order to withstand the hot blend.


  1. Dear akka, great to see your post and what a wonderful start with this yummy sweet. Is this ready in time for Niki's arrival? :) Have fun with her. Looks great.. just a small suggestion, i know i can click on the pic to make it big, but i think it will be nice if you can choose the large setting when you upload it to blogger so it's clearer at first view itself... Mail me if you need any help with that. Take care.

  2. Delicious urundai... Best first entry! Welcome to blogging!

  3. Thanks Anu :) Will keep the entries coming! I love your website!
    And Laav, I will try stuff out with the picture.. niki should be able to help out, now that she's here :) I do need a lot of blogger training from u!


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