Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vasantha Neer

Way back in 1989, our cousin took some of my cousins, sister for dinner at a very famous 5 Star place in Chennai. As most of them were newly married, he wanted to throw them a party. So a whole lot of youngsters were having a good time. I was pregnant with my daughter then and at home in Namakkal. I had various updates about this rendez-vous. The most significant memory was, of course, their welcome drink which helped me coin the title. I have used the basic ingredient in that drink which is the tender coconut water and have justified the name :)

Here in Ghana mangoes are invitingly hanging out of all the trees, Srivalli has hosted the Mango Mela, all these factors got me putting up this post.

Tender coconut -2 numbers
Mango -1 very ripe, pulpy, sweet variety
Sugar -3 tablespoons
Lemon juice -few drops

Skin the mangoes and with a fruit baller,take out balls of the pulp.Make a very thick syrup of the sugar. Drop mango balls just long enough to coat them with the sugar. Open the tender coconut and drain the water in a glass. drop the mango crystals into it. Float a few pieces of coconut in the juice. Add the drops of lemon and serve.

I'm sending this recipe as my entry to Srivalli's event. Mango Mela.


  1. Mangoes in Tender coconut... sounds new to me... thanks you for visiting my blog

  2. Hi I am a new blogger.. you have a very good blog..

  3. This is new combo,mango with coconut makes a great taste

  4. This is first time to ur blog. I am glad that I discovered ur space. All the pictures are awesome, breathtaking clicks. Love ur, dude you do write well too. I am became a fan at first glance. Will visit to often.

  5. thanks a lot! all this while, my daughter was clicking and presenting the pictures :) hopefully, the quality stays after the 6th of june, when she goes back to college ;)

  6. Mangoes and ilaneer must make for a winning combination - fabulous. Aah so Niki is the photographer? Nicely done niki.

  7. Mangoes and coconut is a lovely combo! Looks inviting!

  8. Tender coconut and mangoes that sounds refreshing and a kewl combo!!!

  9. Oh wow that's new, simple and yum...


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