Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gujarathi Milagai Podi

Like I told earlier, my pantry stocks all kinds of podis. For idlis alone I have three or more milagaipodis, like the ellumilagai podi, chutney podi and the gujarathi milagai podi which I'm sharing today.
This is a recipe again adapted from S.Meenakshi Ammal book. I don't know why she calls it Gujarathi milagai podi though. I asked my Gujarathi friend if they make anything like that but was replied in the negative. For want of a better name, I will use what the original recipe calls it.
Call it anything, the flavoursome podi is sure to tickle your palates.
( The picture below shows double the volume of ingredients listed below)

Preparation time: 20 minutes for roasting and 5 minutes for powdering.
Yield : 200 gram of podi

Dry red chillis 3/4th of standard cup (180 ml)
Sesame seeds 3 tablespoons
Urad dhal 3 tablespoons
Thuvar dhal 3 tablespoons
Channa dhal 3 tablespoons
Moong dhal 1 1/2 tablespoons
Salt 2 1/2 tablespoons (Sea salt. If using table salt adjust according to taste)
Asafoetida powder 1 teaspoon
Roast sesame seeds until they pop; salt until dry, asafoetida until it emits a nice aroma.Keep aside.
Roast the red chillis on a low heat. They should be brittle but shall not char. While roasting chillis be prepared for a heavy bout of sneezing though! Keep aside.
In the same pan first roast the channadhal for some minutes before adding thuvar dhal. Roast further and add the urad dhal and finally the moong dhal. This way all the dhals roast evenly and golden without getting charred.
Cool all the roasted ingredients.

In the jar of the mixie first powder the chillis, salt and asafoetida initially until they are a coarse powder. Add the roasted dhals and powder to a fine powder as possible.

Transfer to clean airtight bottles and store in a dry place. As these are all roasted without adding oil the shelf life is long. Over the days the colour may fade a bit but it will taste every bit flavoursome as the first day.
This podi makes your fluffy idlis more indulgent :-)
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  1. Such a delicious podi, with sesame seeds..very new to me..

  2. Hi first time here, its great to see so many authentic recipes.I love ellu podi..gujarati podi sounds very novel.

  3. Picturesque.....:) Enjoyed ur picture representation.

  4. Seems very different and interesting !

  5. wow this mulagai podi is new to me but sounds yummy.

  6. Really a funny name for the podi. :-) But it looks flavourful and would go well with rice.

  7. hi Latha,
    The podi seems flavourful, never added sesame seeds :) love the variations, and I love Gujarathi cuisine :) nice clicks latha, love the mug with the cute kitty :)

  8. Podi sounds delicious. The different dals definitely must be making it more aromatic and tasty.

  9. Never tried making this, looks delicious. Meenakshi Ammal book is the first one my Mom packed for me when i got married and came here. It is indeed a cooking bible.

  10. perfect, perfect perfect..the pics are soooo good!!

  11. Don't laugh my hubby makes a milagai podi like this I don't know what quantity he puts, because he never does it when i am there!! but sure I know he empties most of white sesame seeds, he likes that flavour more in his podi and he calls it Idli molagai podi!

  12. Gujarati's do make podi which taskes slightly different from the standard south indian podi styles. We used to call it 'Sambharo' but that might not be what everyone calls it.


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