Monday, June 7, 2010

Aval upma -My husband's style

Had it been few months ago, I would have had to post Tea for the His Cooking event, Priti is holding. But now things are very different. Between my recuperation and the near improbablity of getting good food outside home, my husband has picked up cooking skills that I am sure proud of.
In my absence he was cooking for himself a proper breakfast, packing a somewhat frugal lunch and cooking rice and vegetables for his dinner. He had even attempted to grind for dosais and make them.There is my instruction sheet still attached to the door of the refridgerator in the kitchen.
He now makes semiya upma, aval and wheat rawa upma very well. One of my blog buddies suggested to him that he can start a rival blog to mine :)
Though I am fully fit to cook anything he desires, nowadays, he makes these simple upmas that taste real good for me whenever he can. It is a long way from reheating frozen dishes that I used to store for him before I travelled while we lived in Egypt.
This aval upma has roasted potatoes to add a bit crunch and onions tossed just about a little and the regular garnish. The picture speaks for itself.
His recipe for the above is,

1/2 cup medium thick aval/poha/beaten rice, washed under running water until the aval is tender and salt added.
Any quantity of microwave cooked potato, the more the better.
Sliced onion as desired.
Green chillis slit, deseeded. (as per spice requirement)
Mustard seeds, cumin seeds, channa dhal and curry leaves for tempering.
Two table spoons oil in all - for tempering, roasting onions and potatoes and for the upma.

Add oil in a pan and crackle the mustard seeds and cuminseeds. Add the channa dhal and fry until slightly brown. Put in the chillis and sliced onions. Toss them around for a while.
Add the cooked and cubed potatoes. Keep roasting until they are crunchy.
Add the salted and softened aval. Toss for a few minutes on medium heat until all ingredients blend well.
Remove from heat and transfer on to your eating plate and consume as soon as possible:)

Now that is how he eats it...piping hot with a hot cup of tea.
I hope Priti enjoys adding this dish as much as I relished it.


  1. Benefits of being away...glad to knw he picked up some cooking skills to match urs ;)..poha looks yum along with tea...perfect b'fast sure enjoying this...just wish would taste these...too much to ask perhaps ;)...Thanks for the yummy entry and thanks to your Husband ofcourse :)

  2. I love Avalakki Upma fr quick lunch, good one Lata.

  3. Aval upma is one of my favorites and a perfect comfort food ! Looks inviting...

  4. Poha with Tea looks Inviting! Lovely entry! Btw, thanks for telling me about the festive foods his cooking event.... As i was not blogging for almost 2 months, i was not updated with the ongoing events! Gotta catch up!

  5. O' Mr.shetty, must have missed you so badly, A lovely wife cooking lovely dishes!!, well, I make my H cook at least once a week, because I get bored, well, he is one hell of a cook!!, he even goes through blogs and cooks!!, Good for you!!, you can have a day off from the kitchen!!, Inbtw.. the Aval upma looks really delicious!!, the potatoes in it make it more attractive!!, My hubby hates Aval, I could use this recipe with those potatoes poping out like that will attract him nice and crunchy!!, Lovely click too....

  6. The Poha looks yummy and inviting, dear.

  7. Perfect upma:) good to know that you get some sweet:)

  8. Uncle kalakitaanga! :)
    Next time paakumbodhu, uncle's upma shd definitely be on the menu :D

  9. Aval upma looks declicious...Lovely presentation. Instead of starting a separate blog, you can give him some space, here at F & T. I tried telling abt this event to my husband thinking it might motivate him and he said he will make Tea.:)

  10. Sounds interesting and different, Shetty, happy that you have innovated new recipes.

  11. Really upma looks fabulous..ur husband seems very innovative too..

  12. Aval upma Arputham!!!! hubbies show their talent only when their wives are either away or ill :) or is it bcoz we too appreciate it only when we get it as a surprise!!!!

  13. I make it the exact same way..and I love this version in addition to the traditional poha..and havin the upma with a cup of tea is bliss

  14. Upma looks very inviting with a cup of tea :)

  15. hehehe:-) I do the same instruction sheet always on the fridge, kitchen cupboards and front door..whenever I go to India ! But I've to freez lots of food in the freezer...Upma looks lovely with tea it's heaven!!

  16. delicious and mouth watering poha.


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