Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pagakkai pithla kuzhambhu from Usha's Veg Inspirations

Tried and Tasted, a brainchild of Zlamushka invites us to try out recipes that have been featured in one of the blog-friends' space. This month the event is hosted at The taste space -steam, bake, boil, shake. They have chosen to feature Usha's Veg Inspirations.
I have been following Usha's space even before I started actively blogging food. I am always at awe by the fact that she tries her recipes with Health as the prime factor. Many a times I have grabbed a recipe from her site and have had to adjust, not to my taste but sadly to the availability of the ingredients.
However, most of her vegetable dishes did not command a compromise. So, I choose such dishes and enjoy.
The day she posted this recipe for the pagakkai pithla kuzhambu, I was asking my sister to mail me the recipe she uses. As I was chatting online, I found this post pop up on my reader.I abandoned the chat and scribbled down the recipe on the airline itinerary I found next to my desk.
With this recipe on hand that morning's vegetable dish decided, I set out my regular morning chores.
I did get my sister's recipe and have tried that too, which might appear on another random day.
But today, it is Usha's dish which you might find listed under
Bittergourd in lentil gravy curry with Peanuts (Pahakai Pitla Kozhambu with Kadalai)

in her blog.
I need not elaborate on how much I loved it, because I recommend you to try it out for yourselves. I am sure you will enjoy this dish.


  1. This dish sounds lovely. Thank you for participating in Tried & Tasted. :)

  2. This feels like a cosy meal to me. Over to Veg Inspirations to check the recipe.

  3. Yummy.. Yenkku idhu romba pidikum :) But kadalai is a new addition. Got to try it out.

  4. Though I am not a great fan of pagarkai, Pitlai is somewhat different and will take it once in a while. Luv the twist with peanuts. Well presented and a wonderful click.

  5. hmmmmmmmmmmmm!nice pavakkai pitlai a favourite in our house which is prepared atleast once in 15 days since the addition of pavakkai is also healthy.

  6. eating pavakkai is a challenge to everyone.. your click looks yummy.. Adding peanuts is new to me.. must try this combination!

  7. Pitlai is one of my favourite dishes. I make it quite often. Your addition of peanuts sounds good.

  8. The pitla looks delicious ! Thank you so much for your wonderful introduction. It means a lot to me, coming from you. You really made my day and my week :-)


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