Thursday, September 2, 2010

Goa to Ghana - my experiments in Aparna's wonder kitchen

There is one bottle that I have been cleaning, refilling and storing in the refrigerator ever since Srivalli decided to host this edition of Lakshmi's Tried and Tasted, a brainchild of Zlamushka. In fact, there are two spiced jams that I tried.

The first time I cooked them following Aparna's recipes to the letter. Lately I started putting them inside the microwave and go about other chores, giving a peak once or twice into the bowl for a stir.

The spicy tomato jam can never cease to charm my husband. He opens the fridge looking for the bottle. It is that excellent. Somewhat sweet yet warm with the flavour of the cloves, ginger and paprika.

While he loves the tomato jam, I keep licking fingers with the onion flavoured pear and raisins chutney. I love the overpowering taste of onions and the fat cooked raisins that are sweet.

We are so hooked to these that I am not trying anything for a while, pears being in season here and tomatoes selling quite cheap. With the Hindus celebrating one festival after another, the fruits bowl is overflowing, giving me a chance to cook the jams.
The good part is that you can tweak the recipe here and there to suit your tastes.

Look out for the two jams in her Diverse Kitchen while you enjoy the visual treat here.
They are very easy to make and delicious to serve. Go ahead and try them, be warned, you might never want to stop cooking.


  1. Both the chutney and the jam look yum..Aparna's blog is truly a treasure house!!

  2. Wowww glossy tomato jam and irresistible chutney looks fantastic..

  3. both are such yummy recipes and what beautiful pics :)

  4. Delcious delights, Akka. I love to make jams in MW. Your description and drool worthy pics are making it all the more tempting

  5. Tasty looking jams and chutneys.Loved the preparation,click is very very tempting.

  6. Looks really fantastic Lataji..thanks for sending these..I will surely try it out..

  7. wow spicy Jam! looks really yummy

  8. Wow, jam looks perfect & yummy ..:)

  9. My mom makes a similar tomato spicy jam,I totally forgot,this version sounds nice too!


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