Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baked Cutlets

I had some sweet potatoes and had already made a dum style dry curry the other day. So had to think of something new to tempt my husband. I set out to make these cutlets and as usual wanted to try a baked recipe. The sweetpotato, according to this article ranks #1 in nutrition. It is all good carbohydrates and very low fat, moderate protein etc. That was new to me. Nonetheless, I baked these cutlets. They were quite delicious, just a bit dry as there was not one drop of oil.So I sprinked few drops of oil when they were warm enough to absorb. ( About 2 drops on eah side of the cutlet, was enough.)
I served them with tomato sauce and with the usual onions and tomatoes. The number of pieces may depend on the size of the sweet potato. I had three medium ones.

Here goes the recipe, that my husband insisted goes on the blog immediately.

Sweet potatoes (cooked in skin and peeled and mashed) - about 3/4 ths of a cup
Carrots and French beans (Cut in tiny pieces and cooked) ,Green peas (cooked) -1/4th of a cup
(all of these put together)
Red Chilli powder - 2 teaspoons
Amchoor powder - 1 teaspoon
Bread Crumbs or coarsely powdered corn flakes -to coat the cutlets.
Corn flour and plain flour -2 tablespoons mixed in water to make a paste.
(This paste should have the consistency of paint. To brush on the cutlets)
Salt -to taste
Oil few drops ( if you don't mind the cutlets dry, no oil is required)

For garnish:
2 tomatoes cut in circles
1 onion cut in circles

Preheat oven to 250 deg. C/ 475 deg.F/ gasmark 9/ Super hot.
Mix all the vegetables, salt, chillipowder and amchoor and mix thoroughly.
Put a pan on low fire and toss the above mix until no moisture is left. ( The cutlets will break if there is moisture.)
Allow to cool. Shape the cutlets to desired shape.
With a pastry brush, coat the cutlets with the corn flour- plain flour paste.
Toss them in the breadcrumbs to cover completely.
Place the cutlets on an ovensafe tray and bake for 18 -20 minutes.
Take out and while still warm rub just few drops of oil on each culet.
Serve hot with tomato ketchup, onions and tomato rings or with green chutney.


  1. Wow... looks sooo delicious... healthy too..lovely clicks!!

  2. I usually just bake sweet potato strips (with salt and chilli powder) and eat them like fries. The dum curry sounds yummy.. do post it when you make the next time. Yes, that is true about the dried result when baking..so, nowadayas I just spread a thin layer of oil on tawa and let them toast a bit on either side so they don't look so dry. Just brushing with oil sounds like a good option too.

  3. Thank you both. I was still editing some other post when I saw the cooments notification. wow girls you are amazing.Laav, vikkal edukkum alavu dry. I think health apart,I'd indulge with the tawa version. but i was very surprised yesterday, just rubbing that little oil was sufficient.

  4. These look tasty and more importantly they are guilt free!!
    Nice recipe!

  5. That is very healthy looking cutlets and SOunds yummy Lata.

  6. Nice recipe Lata ... nice idea of baking them, usually I try spraying some on top before baking or just as Lavanya mentioned.... will wait for your dum style curry or look for it if you have already posted them :)

  7. Smiles and hugs all of you. Thanks.

  8. lovely recipe.. sounds nice and looks really yummy.. :)

  9. wow.... i want some... baking cutlets is a nice idea.. i shud try. and those oothapams look lovely too.

  10. Sweet potato cutlets sounds interesting, i too usually bake my cutlets which make them guilt free :)

  11. Nice and healthy recipe and best part was baking the cutlets :)

  12. Wow thats really looking so crispy and perfect yah... good healthy job . keep rocking

  13. Last time when I made cutlets, I was thinking of giving it a try by baking them. Now, thanks for the recipe, I sure would love to try the baked version.

    Your cutlets are looking so so yummy.

  14. Hey I tried this..It came perfect...A guilt free cutlet ;) But I used regular potatoes only...

  15. Thank you..I love cutlets but always stayed away because of the very thought of deep frying...This seems a wonderful option...


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