Monday, July 13, 2009

Marina Beach Sundal

The other day, I signed up for a group in Facebook. It is very interesting , all about growing up in India in the 70's and 80's. It was very nice to know that upper-middle-class upbringing has been the same across India, irrespective of region, religion and gender. Reminiscing thus, I observed that on all my visits to Madras, we were taken to the Marina beach but always been denied the Thenga-maanga-pattani sundal and the murukku for hygiene reasons :(

However, my uncle treated us to Pani puri in Chowpatti and most other Bombay street food delicasies when we were a little older.

So, I set out to fulfil my childhood craving by cooking the sundal at home.

1 cup Dry green peas. (soaked overnight)
1/4 cup cut sour mango pieces
Salt to taste
Oil few spoonsful

Dry roast and pound to a coarse powder:
2 tablespoons Dessicated coconut
2 teaspoons Coriander seeds
4 pieces Red chillies ( the spicier, the better)

For tempering:
Mustard seeds
Curry leaves
2 Green chillies

Drain soaked green peas. Pressure cook until peas is soft but does not mash if pressed between fingers.
Put a heavy pan on the stove with oil. When hot, add mustard seeds, allow them to crackle.
Add the mango pieces, green chillies and salt and saute them for about five minutes. Add the curry leaves and the cooked peas. Toss until mango and peas blend. Put the dry spice powder in and blend well.( if the mangoes are not sour enough, squeeze one small lemon or add little amchur.)


I'm sending this beach style sundal to Spill the beans-Sunday snacks event.


  1. Wow Lata!!!! The Marina beach sundal was always inviting, but like you had mentioned, I was always denied the same quoting hygiene reasons. I'm glad you posted this recipe :-)

  2. Looks exact the same with so many ingreidents..! Yummmy lata..!

  3. Thank you Anupama,Sanghi. You know Anupama, I have tried the manga badhdhai there, tastes heavenly.Nobody objected to that but this was a sure NO always.

  4. First time here lata!!Thengai mangai pattani sundal looks yumm..i always relish the marina beach sundal..

  5. Thank you Ramya. were you actually allowed to eat it??

  6. Agreed!!! I have tasted the maanga badhdhai as well as the cucumber badhdhai. They both taste very good :-). Those are also available in front of Nalli/Kumaran stores in T. Nagar, Chennai, but not the sundal though.


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