Thursday, July 23, 2009

Easy Adai Paayasam

I learnt this from my neighbour, in Chennai. Putting our daughter’s education on top of our list of priorities, I stayed put in Chennai until her primary years of school were done with. We had very friendly and helpful neighbours. This lady was just a few years younger to my mother and showed lot of concern and care, which I appreciate very deeply. She was, then around 60 years of age and doing her M.A. in Sanskrit. She would pass on to me some of what she learnt and had thought relevant. In the same way she would drop tips for my tailoring and culinary skills. One such recipe is this payasam. Though it is very similar to the adai pradaman, I would not dare to name it so, because it is not the same.
2 tablespoons raw rice
¼ cups powdered jaggery
¼ cups coconut milk
2 cardamons powdered
Wash and soak rice for 20 minutes. Grind to a very fine paste in a blender.
Add water to make a thin liquid, somewhat like milk.
Keep three or four flat steel plates handy, lightly greased.
Put the steamer on stove. Pour the ground batter thinly on one of the prepared plates.
Steam this for a minute and a half.
Meantime, keep one more plate ready. As you remove the first, put this in.
By now, the first adai will be ready to come off the plate. Take it out and keep aside.

Repeat the above steps until all batter is used up.
Cut the cooked batter into thin strips and those into pieces.
Bring some water to boil in another pan. Drop the adai strips in boiling water and continue to boil for a few more minutes.
Mix powdered jaggery with little water. Once dissolved, strain this to remove impurities.
Put back in the pan and let the jaggery boil, add the adai strips and coconut milk.
Taking care not to let the coconut milk over-boil, cook the payasam on low heat and allow the mixture to blend. Add powdered cardamom. Remove from fire and serve as desired.
I would like to send this as my entry to Let's Go Nuts - Coconuts event.


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmm drooling here..looks so yummy and I love this always.. really tempted now ..have to do

  2. Wow this one looks too yummy and tempting. :)

  3. I love this payasam a lot... but never tried making the adai at home... looks yummy :)

  4. Wow.. you make the adais at home! i've always seen the readymade dry ones in stores but not tried this payasam so far. Looks delicious.

  5. Looks yummy Latha!
    The typical adai pradhaman is my fav.
    Your recipe looks simple and yummy.

  6. hehe looks like I messed up
    I actually didnt see the message that it will appear after moderation.
    Please delete all the duplicates. :D

  7. I have never heard of this.. its totally new to me.. should give it a try.. i miss madras(Chennai)and now its all festival time.. its a apt recipe for the season!!!

  8. Oh wow...that's an simple and delectable paayasam....

  9. We call it ada pradhaman..My mom usually makes this payasam..Looking yummy and delicious

  10. Awesome idea dear! thanks a lot for sharing this recipe, I always wanted to try this.

  11. Thank you everyone.I am happy you liked this.


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