Friday, August 7, 2009

I would tell, if I remember...that far back

There is this event hosted by Shama of easy2cook recipes. She wants to know what was somebody's first cooking adventure. At 48, I guess it is very hard to recollect that far back. However, I have a vivid memory of my first flop puris...they failed for combined reasons period!! But after pouring my heart out to a very understanding, elderly colleague, I learnt to correct more than one fault, with her guidence ...and that was not only related tocooking.

But that is not all this post is about. I will share here the first solo cooking experience of my dorm-living daughter. She cooked this meal all by herself and had friends over for dinner. She has taken pictures with her E71 and mailed me. Have a look and say what you think :-)

As of me, I'm very proud to display these because at her age, I only knew what my Quantum Physics and Optics books discussed. I never bothered to lift a ladle then, there was no necessity to; there were always paati or amma around and to help them out our Velamma.

Now peek into my darling child's adventures in her very own kitchen... and what a lovely dorm, I'm amazed at the fridge and cooking range they have provided for them, sigh!

Her breakfast rcipe to me was,
made a mixed vegetable curry to go with bread.. just played around with the spices and vegetables... :)

and this was the breakfast

What amused me was, she put this up on facebook and one of her seniors, a grad school student wanted the recipe and I've cut and pasted below their exchange and her recipe too :)

Nivedita replied after your comment on Niki Shetty's photo album:
"how did you make that??? TELL TO MEEEEE!"

Niki replied after your comment on her photo album:
"sureeee! :) its just capsicum and tomatoes.. use cumin, mustard seeds, curry leaves to thaalichukotify ;) add the chopped tomatoes and saute until they lose their raw taste.. that should give u ur base. microwave ur capsicum until its cooked. add this to ur tomatoes and let it cook. add salt and turmeric powder and stir them in and ur done! :)
i forgot to microwave the peppers, so i had to add more water and let it cook in the pan for like 10 to 15 mins.. i guess it'll work fast if u run ur veggies through the microwave.. lemme noe how it works if u make it :D"
Served this with mixed vegetable rice :)
What do you say???

I'm posting this off to Shama's ongoing event The First Cooked Food event.


  1. Thats an interesting post Lata and me too never bothered to learn cooking till the moment i was left alone with my hubby!! Congrats to ur girl and she is definitely a great cook:)

  2. That's a very interesting read. I really appreciate your daughter's interest in cooking, have seen kids in the dorms living on junk food.

  3. WHat a chweet gestrue there Lata..touching read dear..all dishes look awesome..

  4. amma, thank u soooooooooooooooo much for this post!! :) love u!!!!! mwah!

  5. amma, thanks soooooooooooooo much for this post!! love u!!! :) mwah!

  6. Wow such a lovely post Lata..Ur daughter will surely be proud of her delicious dishes been posted by her beloved mom for a unique event shama hosting for..

  7. lol, for a first timer this is excellent menu :P and loved the way she's described the recipe ;P I'd def. give a thumbs up!

  8. Dear Lata
    Check out my blog for your awards.

  9. Thank you all, My husband is beaming ear to ear!!

  10. Thats a lovely post. I am sure ur daughter has made u proud. Liked the way she has explained the recipe.

  11. I can totally correlate with your daughter's culinary adventures! :) Well-done!


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