Friday, August 21, 2009

Padvali Rotli with Aloo Dum

Yesterday, I came across this very delectable recipe in Anubhavati. The recipe and related pictures were so inviting to try. I was anyway doing grocery shopping for the ensuing ganesh chaturthi, so included few more to the to buy list and procured them. There was no worrying about planning for dinner then. But wanted to make some not so usual rotis and Tarla Dalal came to my rescue. She had given few Indian flat breads in her Swadisht Subzian book. She uses whole wheat flour and rolls out healthy rotis. the Padvali Rotli is one such chappathi. The combination of the Aloo Dum with this rotli was purely out of the world.
I have been complaining about not having an exhaust fan in the kitchen, especially on days I had to deep fry stuff, yesterday was one day I forgot to complain because the aroma of the dum aloo was so inviting and kept lingering around the house for awhile. Needless to say, my husband was the happiest having his favourite baby potatoes done so well in a flavoursome sauce.
I shall give here the recipe for the Rotli. Please check this post on Anubhavati and enjoy her more beautiful clicks as well.

Recipe for the Padvali rotli, adapted from Swadisht Subzian by Tarla Dalal:
'Pad' in Gujarathi means layers. This is a layered chappati usually served with 'aamras'. But goes well with any gravy.

1 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon oil
Other Ingredients:
1 tablespoon ghee
few spoons of flour to dust on the layers
Combine flour and salt and knead into a very soft and pliable dough.
Rest for about 1/2 an hour.
Divide the dough into 9 portions. Roll out these balls to the size of puris. On one round disc rub some ghee and dust some flour on top of it. Place the second disc and repeat the same. Close with the third. This way make three such layered discs. Keep aside.
Roll each of the thus prepred discs into chappatis of approximately 5" diameter, pressing well on the edges to seal.. Roll out the rest of them similarly.
Heat tawa and cook each one over a low flame until the two top layers are cooked well, thus ensuring it is done inside too. Press slightly with a ball of rolled cloth when they fluff up in order to cook well.
Remove, spread some drops of ghee and serve hot with a curry of your choice.
On a happier note, I deeply appreciate the Awards Shama Nagarajan has showered on my space. Thank you Shama for the lovely, thoughtful gesture. I am to pass this on to atleast seven others, which I shall compile in my very next post. Please bear with me until then.

Thank you all for making blogging so very interesting and a source of sheer happiness.


  1. Wow.. what a inviting pics.. looks soo delicious.. perfect presentation.. Congrats on your awards.. :)

  2. Lovely dish, please pass it on here. Congrats on your well deserving award.

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  6. Hi Lata,

    Congratulations on the awards. Glad you liked the Aloo Dum and your roti looks awesome too...
    Keep rocking!!!


  7. is so mouthwatering...

  8. Great spread lata..
    Congrats on your award..!!

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  15. I have heard of the layered parothas before, but not Padvali Roti. That and Dum Aloo makes great combination.

  16. It is a new chappathi to me.. You have done it very well.. will try out some time. Bookmarked! And I bet you had a hearty dinner with dum aloo..

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  18. Padvadi rotli is our staple has turned out perfect...
    Rightly said they go well with aamras


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