Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This morning when I walked into my pooja room I saw my big basket filled with fresh flowers. The night security had taken upon himself to collect flowers every morning for my prayers. As appa aptly put it, he deserves to be more blessed for doing this. Though he does this to keep him awake during duty hours, it would be sinful if I wasted them to wilt and die. So I decided to perform the sahasranama. Having decided so, I had to think of quick payasam for offering and ended up whisking Phirni in my microwave. By the time the rest of my everyday cooking was done this was ready too.
Savour the speciality dessert of Kashmir easily cooked in your microwave.

Whole milk 500 ml
Rice 50 grams
Sugar 100 grams
Cardamom powder 1 teaspoon
Milk cream 1 teaspoon
Saffron few strands
Cashew nuts and slivered almonds few
Ghee few drops

Take milk in a big deep microwave proof bowl. I used a 3.5 litre corningware bowl to boil 500 ml of the milk.
Bring milk to boil by placing in the microwave on 100% power without lid on for 5 minutes.
Wash and soak the rice for 1/2 an hour. Grind to a very fine paste adding little amount of water to it.
In a flat dish, take the nuts and rub the ghee over them. Microwave on 100% power first for one minute and tossing over, again for another minute. The nuts would be crisp and golden now.
In the same deep bowl, mix the rice paste and sugar to the milk. Mix thoroughly well.
Return to the microwave and cook on 60% power, covered for 6 minutes. Every two minutes open, stir and return to cook. See to that the milk does not boil over. If the milk appears to flow out, you can remove the lid.
Once done, add the cream to the kheer, and the saffron strands, reserving few for garnish.
Microwave on 60% power for just 2 minutes longer.
Remove and garnish with strands of saffron and nuts.

Rich and creamy phirni is ready.
Serve chilled.
For a low calorie version use toned milk and avoid cream and nuts, though it is not my recommendation to enjoy this.

I would love to send this to
Sanghi's Fall In Love - Milk event, dedicating this to all kheer lovers
MEC Potluck Party event currently being hosted by Srivalli who initiated the event
Shanthi Krishnakumar's State Specials event.This is J&K special dish


  1. Looks delicious. Must be tasting good too.

  2. oh i luv luv phirni..and nice idea making it in mw..

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  5. looks so yum...., lovely presentation too...

  6. wow,looks so rich! I have not made in recent time,should make one day!

  7. hi Lata! Kindly parcel some phirni, I just love this dish.

  8. Looks so rich and yummy and perfect entry for the three events

  9. The phirni looks rich and creamy and I love how you made this entirely in the microwave !

  10. Delicious milky entry lata.. thanks!

  11. Lovely dish and apt for all the events.

  12. Thats my fav too Lata..looks rich and awesome.

  13. rich and creamy dessert looks great Lata yummmmmm.

  14. Hi Lata, Thanks for visiting my blog..The phirni looks so rich and yummy and perfect entry for all the events

  15. I love Phirni..yummy..:).Have come across a similar recipe in Nita Mehta's MW cookbook.Now I have to try this..:)

  16. Thank you friends for all these lovely comments.@ Divya, I made it from LG microwave oven cookbook only altering the timings and power to suit my oven,which has more wattage on output. It is Geeta Narang's recipe.

  17. looks soo delicious.. gr8 snaps.. :)

  18. hai a new visitor to ur blog....i had heard the name phirini...but never tasted...this is similar to payasam, bt different..i loved the presentation and that small bowl.. :)

  19. Wow lata the platter is really awesome i am drooling here and the phirni is looking great... really now i wish to come there and have wonderful meal and dessert...

  20. today i tried this recipe for was yummy:)
    do visit out my blog


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