Monday, August 31, 2009

Pomegranate Cooler - Taurus is pink on the Zodiac

Food in colour is an event started by Sunshine mom of Tongue ticklers to emphasis the important of colour in food. Ashwini of Ashiwini's Spicy Cuisine is hosting this event this month.
The colour and the zodiac table states, Taurus the Earth sign, secure, active, warm and sociable has been related to pink for the colour. I was hence, supposed to dish out something pink and serve.

I thought of every food from rose milk to strawberry milkshake to beetroot rice. Finally managed this juice for the event.
Had some very nice pomegranates for the pooja offerings. Tried eating one and it was too sour for consumption just as fruit. We had trees that bore these sour pomegranates at home and amma will make pomegranate rice just like lemon rice and rasam with these.
So I thought I would make use of these sour fruits I had purchased the same way. I soaked them in warm water to squeeze out the juice. When I squeezed the juice out, it was so beautifully pink that I decided to make juice. I made and enjoyed the refreshing colourful juice.
For 2 litres juice you will require,
2 Kabul pomegranates (Large)
Sugar/ honey to taste, depending on how sour the fruits are
Ginger scrappings adjust according to taste
Mint leaves few
Peel the pomegranates, remove the pearls and soak them in warm water for a while in a fairly big utensil. Save one tiny sprig of mint and soak the rest of the leaves along with the seeds.
Once the water is cool and the seeds well soaked, press them with your fingers thoroughly.
Pass through a strainer, obtain the juice. Resoak the seeds and extract the remaining juice.
Clean and scrape ginger to tiny shavings.
Add more water as required and mix desired quantity of sugar. Drop the ginger shavings and refridgerate.
Serve chilled with some ginger toppings and the reserved sprig of mint.
I had the juice with honey instead of sugar. Hence the colour is darker in the glass than in the canister.

I am sending this to Ashwini's event mentioned earlier and to Mom's recipes - soup and juices event.


  1. Such a beautiful pink drink...very pleasant to eyes!

  2. looks very rich in color lata... must have been refreshing indeed :-)

  3. refreshing look.. perfect for the event...

  4. Looks really delicious & nice colour..

  5. Looks very refreshing, I love pomegranate juice..they have a huge list of health benefits as well..

  6. Looks so refreshing !! And congrats on the Ganesh Naivedyams too - great efforts !!

  7. refreshing drink.. i too love pomegranate juice

  8. Hmmmm.

    Love pomogranates. Refreshing and I like the ginger shavings...I do that too...Reminds me of freshly squeezed sugar cane juice with lemon, pudina and ginger!!! Wish I waas in India right now!!!

  9. Lata,
    Kindly accept an award from my blog.Have a nice day.

  10. Wow.. this juice looks great.. My favourite..! I order for one whenever i go to restaurant. Hey I'm a taurus too!

  11. I shall try this..looks very gud ..nice shots

  12. Looks very refreshing..Mint brings out very nice flavor.

  13. i like pomegrenate...missing them in US as they are hard to get here...nice entry..seems like i m out of time for this month's FIC event..


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