Friday, September 11, 2009

Triple Duet

Yes! I coined the name for the combination juice, I created. I had these many fruits after all the poojas that lined up and had consumed enough of the fruits by themselves and fruit salad and whatever I could use them in. Then I had little of each like one apple, some cut pieces of mango, few red grapes ½ of a pomegranate few musumbi oranges and two kiwi fruits. On an odd whim I wanted to try making juice of these in varying thickness and combining them. Wow!! What an idea that was. See the pictures and tell me. I waited for my husband to be around so we can consume the punch right away before any discoloring sets in. He was fascinated and clicked away in all 23 pictures which I made a photo folder and called it MY JUICE INDULGENCE :)
I guess you may create your own by combing other fruits, but my duets were,
Yellow combination –Mango and apple
Pink combination – Red grapes and pomegranate
The light green and not much prominent combination –Kiwi and musumbi
Wash fruits, peel and cut them. Blend very well adding sugar each combination. Keep them separately chilled until you need to serve.
I have not added ice or milk or ice cream here. Those may be more creative combinations, no doubt.
Using a funnel, take small quantities of the above into tall glasses and serve.
Patterns may form and delight you depending on the thickness, one may float over the other combo or blend to an altogether delicious punch.
I wish to send my indulging triple duet to,
Sireesha’s Soup and Juice event

and to Radhika's Food for Life Zero hour event. co-hosted by Sudeshna Banerjee of Cook like a bong


  1. Wow super idea...Well done :) I always do them one one...Instead Can do this way and make a combo..Not just for looks, also for taste it shud be appealing..Recently had such a lemon adn mango combo, was deliciious

  2. Nice click....Lata shud we add sugar? Kids will grab it iam sure....

  3. Hi Lata,
    Perfect name :) for a perfect looking drink! looks refreshing :)good one and loved to read how who arrived at making this superb drink!

  4. Excellent idea of combining all those juices together, looks gorgeous..

  5. This one looks so interesting. :) Lovely idea and the formation is amazing. For a while I was really wondering how you made it. :)

    And amazing pics too :)

  6. Hi Lata,
    First Timer @ your blog !
    Loved your presentation, will surely visit often !
    Happy Posting :)

  7. looks super good Lata... I would love a dress in that color combo :-)

  8. Nice click and cool combo of fruits in one drink... too good

  9. Hi lata
    This is my first time here. U have a nice space.

    Nice drink! colourful and tempting. Slurp!

  10. Hi Lata,

    23 pics in all??? must have inspired him to become a shutterbug with your cooking inspirations...Was it Yummy???

  11. lovely idea..may be i shall try this next time during the festive season..The pictures are awesome, no wonder your husbnad that many photos..


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