Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gulab-E-Aab from Khana Kazana

Last weekend when my husband opted to work, I busied myself with deepavali preparations. To rest my aching feet, I reclined on the sofa with the television on. Zee TV was showing a re-telecast of Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Kazana. I watched the re-telecast of a show that might have been on during the fasting for Ramadhan.
Sanjeev created paneer ka slan, yakni pulav and this very delectable gulab-e-aab for his fasting viewers. The two vegetarian dishes made me vow to try them. I am planning to try the pulav his way with vegeatble stock replacing the meat stock. Well, that will no longer be yakni pulav I guess, but the way he explained indulges his viewers.
Coming to Gula-e-aab, it is rich as you will read the ingredients, filled to the brim with calories. But as Sanjeev puts it, it is something that you will need at the end of the long fasting day.
And I am only sending this to Srivalli who wants us to delight our kids while spicing our lives with her anniversary event Kids' Delight.

I will walk the extra calories out just to have this drink as I'm a rose milk addict.

What you will need: (serves two)
300 ml milk, boiled with some sugar and cooled
1 tablespoon sweetened khova or 1 piece rasmalai or 1 tablespoon kalakand
few blanched and chopped almonds
few pistachios
few strands saffron
2 teaspoons rose syrup (I used Real Value brand. Rooh Afza or Haldirams or any brand is good)
How you may proceed:
Boil milk and allow to cool.Ensure that the milk is cold or at room temperature. Mix the rose syrup well to the milk.
Crumble the kalakhand/ khova/ rasmalai into the rose milk.
Place the blanched sliced almonds and the pistachios on a flat micro-proof dish. Allow to roast for 1 minute on high micropower, just to remove raw taste.
In the same dish microwave the saffron strands for 30 seconds and crush them with your fingers.
Garnish these on the prepared gulab - e - aab.
Serve very chilled. Enjoy the rich and creamy rose drink.


  1. Enna maa'm Oraey Rose specialaa irukku? Love it and will try definitely. My sons always asks this, but never tried with khova. Will try it soon

  2. Lataji this is a simple and awesome dish, and nowadays all your photos are apt for the cook & garnish event.

  3. very interesting,these days ur presentation is great.keep it up

  4. Kalakareenga Lataji!! Slurp!! ;)

  5. mouth-watering
    The texture looks great!
    Why don't we become neighbors?
    Then, I would stop cooking ;)

  6. Amazing color... super Lata... enakku ippovey saapidanum pola irukku :-)

  7. Mouthwatering!! me too,a rose milk fan!! Sure will enjoy this one too :) Pretty presentation!

  8. Rose milk...I have memories of rose milk all through my childhood...


  9. Nice color Lata... looks yumm

  10. i feel all parched just seeing this lovely pic...its fab...

  11. Interesting recipe.Sure kids will love this

  12. Romba nalla erruku latha.sure kids like this

  13. What a beautiful pastel color.Looks wonderful!


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