Friday, October 16, 2009

Kaju Burfi

This recipe was given to me by Kanthi maami, my cousin's mother-in-law. I have written down the recipe just as she had given us that makes twenty thin burfis. I had made with five times the given recipe this deepavali. I had made them slightly thick to obtain 50 pieces.

I have written this recipe down with the following as my notes -"Made this for Deepavali 1995. Should dry the kajus well or the powder may become sticky and form lumps" With that I give you the recipe for the yeild of 50 pieces.
500 grams cashew nuts
250 grams sugar
5 tablespoons ghee
1 tablespoon ghee to grease the plate.

Dry the cashews in hot sun for two hours and powder them in a mixie or roast them over avery low flame,small quantities at a time without allowing to brown and then powder.
Alternatively, spread the cashews in a microwave proof flat dish and microwave on medium high at 2 minute increments without browning them. Cool and powder them in the mixie.
Grease the plate in which you intend to spread the dough with 1 tablespoon ghee.
Take 4 tablespoons of ghee in a heavy bottomed utensil. Keep this on low fire until ghee is almost smoking.
Drop the cashew powder and toss it for few minutes. Take off the fire and keep aside.
Make a one-thread consistency syrup of the sugar.
Gradually drop the roasted cahew powder, mix vigorously and quickly. Switch the fire off.
Stir contiuously blending them well, add the remaining ghee and as soon as the mixture starts leaving the sides, transfer the contents to the prepared plate. Spread well.
Allow to cool a bit before cutting squares of the burfis.
Cool on wired racks and lift the burfis off the plate. Store in airtight containers.
These will not be as soft as kathlis but will have the texture of mysorepauk or other burfis.


  1. Wat else i want..just gonna grab few from the click, tempting burfis..

  2. Happy Diwali Lataji!!!
    Kaju Burfi looks great, Mine always ends up as halwa. ur recipe is different lemme try. Wish me luck :)

  3. That happens to me too Priya if I tried Kathlis, I have tried from few sources and ended up in cahew halwas. This worked well but certainly not kathli. You will get it too.

  4. Wow.. one of my favt lata. drooling over the katli now..! Send this to my FIL-Ghee event da.. Happy diwali dear!!:)

  5. wish u a very happy diwali lata.the cashew burfis look so tempting and nice and perfect

  6. I love kaju katli and burfi,looks good :)

  7. Wow super....I had planned to make Kaju Burfi today, just few mins away from making it..Taking tips from ur recipe..

    Wish u a very very happy safe and prosperous Deepavali..

  8. Kaju burfi looks amazing & very tempting!!
    Wish u & ur happy & prosperous Diwali.

  9. Kalakareenga Lataji!! I wish to spend my Diwali in your house, relishing all the lip-smacking sweets made by you!! :)

    Wishing you and your family a very happy and joyous Diwali!

  10. Lovely new way of making kaju burfis. Happy diwali lata

  11. Hope you are having a wonderful Deepavali with those lovely sweets!

  12. love those burfis
    I have tried making kathlis
    Will try this
    happy deepavali

  13. Wish u and ur family a very happy diwali,hope it brings lots of happiness and luck....kaju burfi looks really delicious

  14. Happy Deepavali to you and your family!

  15. HAPPY DEEPAVALI TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY LATA.Kaju burfi..... looks great.

  16. Happy Diwali to you and yours Lata.

  17. The burfis looks good. And its!

    Hope you had a wonderful Diwali. We did - I made too many sweets this year! I think I got carried away with enthu! hahah

  18. Kaju, anytime, mm.., looks yummy if only i could pick one, Happy diwali to you and your family dear

  19. Kaju barfi looks so YUM!

    It's so easy to veganize this recipe...

  20. Thank You LataJi for Diwali Wishes. Wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali and a very prosperous year ahead.

  21. Looks so tempting! You are a burfi specialist, i can say! Hope you had a colourful diwali celebration!

  22. i started making katli and ended up with burfi thanks to my little one :-) always my favorite and looks yum!

  23. It looks delicious.Happy Diwali

  24. I love all your diwali snacks - kaju burfi looks decadent.

  25. Hi Lata!

    I veganize the recipe by using earth balance natural buttery spread insted of ghee.

    I often make badam burfi, mysore pak, kheers and payasams using dairy-free milk and dairy-free butters such as earth balance.

    You may ask what's wrong with milk and milk products?

    Milk and milk products cause tortue to cows. Cows are repetedly impregnated so that they continuosly produce milk. Even in India, where cows are considred sacred, cows are injected with oxytocin harmone to produce mor milk...

    In short, milk and milk products is bad as meat and leather...

  26. So nicely done... you remind me of my Amma's Burfi...

  27. Just stopping by to say Collect your award dear :)

  28. First time here..Cashew burfi looks perfect. Following u.

  29. Loved the barfis looks tempting. Belated Diwali wishes to you and your family !

  30. The burfis looks just mouthwatering!You have a wonderful blog,Lata!

  31. Hi,

    Can we store these katlis at room temperature for 15 days atleast?

    Your response would be appreciated.


  32. Hi since this uses less fat and cooks from somewhat dry powdered cashews, I think they will keep well for long as 15days provided they are left to stay. I have never tried on a larger quantity and hence they usually get over within days.


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