Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Announcing Event - Microwave Easy Cooking Event

I am sure all readers of this blog are very familiar with the Microwave Easy Cooking event, initiated by Srivalli and being guest hosted by many friends and fellow bloggers for over three years. I have been given the opputunity to host the same at this blog through April 2011.

I would love to invite all of you to please take part by sending entries. The details and some guidelines are given under.

Theme for this month: 'Lunch Box'

Which means you can cook anything, rice, curries, gravies, sambhar, rasams, steamed dishes, snacks and desserts ( any one dish that you might pack in the lunch box).

You may be aware this blog is about Vegetarian Cooking and hence, I solicit vegetarian and vegan recipes only.

Recipes have to be cooked entirely using the microwave.

Use of blenders and other appliances are fine, but NO STOVE TOP COOKING.

Such entries with part cooking and part microwave will not be included in the round-up.

It is optional to use the logo shown here. I would be glad if you use it to spread the popularity of the event. Last date for posting the entries would be the 30th of April 2011, 12 midnight GMT.

Linking the post back to this invitation post and to Srivalli's ANNOUNCEMENT page is mandatory. Multiple entries conforming to the above requisites are accepted.

Reposting of archives can be done with the links added.

Entries that have featured in other events are also accepted, again if they are linked to this post as well as to the original. ( but please do not repost same entries that have featured in MEC earlier.)

Since microwave cooking is all about time, power and whether cooking covered or open, please give clear instructions while posting your recipes.

Having posted your recipes, please mail me following details to latasblog@gmail.com

Your name

Name of your blog and URL

Name of the recipe URL to the post

A picture of the dish resized to 300 pixels in width

If you are a cooking enthusiast with interest in microwave cooking, yet do not write a blog, feel free to send me a mail with detailed recipe in steps and a picture to the above email address.

I will mail you an acknowledgement for receipt of your mail.

The round up will be posted in this blog sometime in the first week of May 2011.

Looking forward to your participation. Thank you all in advance.


  1. nice event.. will send my entries!! Happy Hosting..

  2. Happy Hosting...Will surely send in my entry..Glad to follow you...

  3. Happy Hosting Ma'am. Posting in my Events page too and will try to send in my entry.

  4. Happy hosting and will try to send some recipes

  5. I will definitely send an entry for this. Also I would like to know how I can host this event also.

  6. @ Sonia, please mail Srivalli, who blogs @cooking4allseasons. She is the one who has initiated this event and she would be delighted to have you guest host!


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