Friday, October 23, 2009

Oats Adai

Having read much about benefits of oats, I decided to try replacing the rice in adai with oats. I gave in to my whim, but did not want to overdo lest the attempt failed! I used the quantity that will make exactly 4 thick adais. And was bold to keep aside a portion of the batter to make vadais as in Thavalai vadai again entirely keeping the rice off.
The result was better than just good. The adais were soft unlike the rice dhal combination and the vadais were not oily at all.
I powdered coarsely the quick cooking oats, soaked dhals to grind coarsely, then added the powdered oats to the batter.
I added methi leaves, sliced onions, coriander leaves and sliced tomatoes to the adai batter, while I used only the onions and coriander, curry leaves for the vadais.
The adais had a tinge of sour taste as I had left it overnight to ferment.
There is no need for much fermentation, you will certainly get soft adais even if you keep the batter aside for few hours.

Makes 8 adais
1 cup quick cooking oats
1/4 cup thuvar dhal
1/4 cup channa dhal
1/4 cup urad dhal
1/4 cup moong dhal
1 tablespoon soyabeans
1/2 tablespoon horse gram
2 table spoons fresh grated coconut
2 pieces spicy red chilli
2 pieces green chilli
1" piece ginger
Salt to taste
Other ingredients:
1 red onion sliced
1 medium tomato chopped
Fresh coriander leaves chopped finely
A fist full of methi leaves, retained in whole leaves
Few curry leaves chopped.
Oil for adais few spoons
What you need to do:
Wash the dhals well and soak together along with horse gram and the soya beans for an hour. Drain and grind to semolina consistency adding to this the ginger, chillis and coconut.
Powder the oats coarsely by pulsing your mixer few rounds.
Mix the two of the above well and add the salt.
Keep aside for about three to four hours.
Before making adais add the chopped vegetables and freshly chopped coriander leaves and curry leaves.
Mix well.
Place the tawa on heat and pour two big ladles full of the batter. Spread a bit. Pour oil around the edges.
Allow to cook and flip to the other side to cook well. Remove from tawa and serve hot.
Tomato sauce, any type of chutney or a lump of jaggery with some ghee can add to the taste!

I am sending these protien packed adais to Susan's Legume Love Affair whose Edition 16 is happening this month @ Cook Sister.


  1. Wow such a great and interesting adai, never thought making out adais with oats...Healthy adais looks yumm!

  2. Lata ji, you use a lot more dhal varieties in your adai than the one I usually make. I'm sure substituting oats for rice must have made it all the more healthier :-)

  3. Healthy adai latha.Never tried adai with oats.Will give a try.

  4. Lataji that surely looks healthy and good. Never tried Oats in adai, however i use brown rice and can't tell any diff from the usual white rice.

  5. this looks very interesting and healthy too! oats..always ran away from them! but,would definitely make this lovely delicacy!

  6. Really good Lata! Surely more fiber and goodness in here! Will try it soon.

  7. Lovely, crispy adai, Ippave saapidanum pola irukku

  8. Thats indeed a healthy adai. Looks delicious too.

  9. Innovative recipe. Healthy and nutricious oats adai........

  10. Loads of pulses and oat sure make it tasty and healthy!

  11. Loved your variation of oats adai, looks delicious ! Liked your idea of skipping rice completely from the adai, must have made it softer....I tried oats adai too,my variation of oats adai is on my site...

  12. That would be quite heavy, I made a subzi like that once before, today I made adai the usual way, I am feeling so heavy.., your adai is very nutritious

  13. Very healthy adai lataji :-)
    would be perfect breakfast!

  14. I have never tried oats adai so far but it looks good and worth the try.

  15. What a yummy and delicious Adai!! Ji, I have to learn to eat healthy from you!!! ;)

    BTW, I just stopped by to say that you’ve been tagged. Please collect your award dear!!

  16. Have bookmarked this .. very nice and healthy too

  17. A new and healthy recipe!! Loved it.

  18. Hello Lathaji,
    This looks like a super healthy recipe, so many dhals ...and with the addition of oats it seems more filling .

  19. adai with oats sounds interesting...very healthy too...

  20. A very healthy choice..I tried Oats Dosai and cutlet..they were great. Would try your adai too for sure. As such I love Adai's very much :)

  21. lotsa nurtients and fibre in it.great way to make it healthy.

  22. Lata Madam, I have gone thru most of your recipes, especially oats adai is very interesting, definetely I will try it out. I have started following your blog.


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