Monday, July 20, 2009

Neer Dosa

Neer dosas are speciality Manglore dosas. These lovely, thin, lace-like dosas need just rice that has been ground to a very fine batter. I seriously don't know what is the best combination for neer dosas for I have mostly made them with coconut chutney or a masala gravy my sister was given by her Manglorean landlord in Goa. It just tastes as good with either of them.

For neer dosas you will need,
1 cup raw rice
2 tablespoons grated fresh coconut (optional, for even without coconut they turn out well)
salt to taste
Oil to grease the tawa
The tawa should be a flat one not caved in the centre and has to have a lid that will close to trap the steam within.

Soak the raw rice for 2 hours. Grind in a blender to a very fine batter. Add salt.( if you are adding coconut, grind with the rice.)
Keep in reserve extra water as you will be adding to the batter some water after pouring each dosa to keep the consistency thin.
Put your tawa on the stove. When optimally hot, add cooking oil on the tawa and spread to coat it.
Pour ladle fulls from the edges towards centre or more in a linear motion than circular. You cannot spread from centre with the back of the ladle as with the rice-lentil combined dosas.
Cover with the lid.
Cook dosas for a minute or two before opening the lid.
The edges may have lifted on their own. Carefully prise them out of the tawa and place on the serving plate.
Arrange them separated initially until they cool as otherwise they are bound to become a sticky pile.
Serve with coconut chutney which is ground very finely.

I am sending these dosas to Padma's Dosa Corner event
to Sia's RCI -Udipi-Manglore cuisine event originally started by Laksmi.


  1. Thats a simple breakfast we all love here..but the addition of coconut make it more delicious.

  2. Lovely presentation, love laces on the dosa perfect!

  3. Looks so yummy , i too love this.. perfect for the event ...

  4. Oh Dear!! I love the texture of this dosa, how soft and moist it looks. Beautiful and a traditional recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  5. These look awesome, Lata. Wish I could just grab some!

  6. Thank you everybody.I'm glad you liked it.

  7. These look awesome, Lata. Wish I could just grab some

  8. Lovely lacy dosa. Simply superb.

  9. We too make this,but we season it :) I just eat as such,the side dish u have kept looks nice,thought u have the recipe for that too!

  10. Thank you Muskhan and Sadhna.@Sanghi it is easy to try,use a non-stick tawa initially.@ RAKS, we do with thengai in Tamilnad, don't we?Neththikku Internet gave trouble. Adhunaala didn't write the side dish. That is what my sister learnt from her land lady. Will write soon.

  11. Wow... looks soo soo delicious and soft.. very new recipe to me... lovely clicks.. :)

  12. I love them with simple coconut chutney..They came out extremely soft..Do visit my blog when u get time

  13. Neer dosa is a favourite in our house..just that it requires patience to make each dosa..lovely looking dosas

  14. I heard of neer dosas first only from you. Looks so pretty must try them sometime. Yes, do post the recipe for the side dish too.

  15. Neer Dosa is one of favourite... love it with any spicy gravy... thanks for sending it to my event Lata :)

  16. Thank you Hari Chandana, EC, I agree, when I learnt initially it never used to come out well.Laav, did I ever make them in JB? Raja likes it most with chutney, so easy for me:-). Padma, you have given a nice oppotunity to try with your dosa event.

  17. Wow it looks soft and great..I always thought I need coconut for this and so never tried..Its so good to see that I can try it without coconut too. :) Thank u ...

  18. I was trying to leave a comment for ur kheer.
    Iam not able to see it.
    Looks like you don't even have comment moderation.

  19. Hey Sry Latha!
    For the inconvenience.
    I didn't look at the message and got confused.

  20. Hi latha,
    I had only heard of Neer Dosa , but had not tasted it. I happened to stumble upon your site , & was all excited to spot this recipe.
    My H also likes the traditional preparations.
    I prepared the dosa & they came out well. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
    Please do stop by my blog also.


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