Thursday, July 2, 2009

Soraikkai Dosai - Bottle Gourd Dosai

Dosais are my all time favourites. I had read this recipe for soraikkai uththappam in one Mangaiyar Malar issue. But had not noted it down. Later upon a big guesswork I got it to perfection. And now I wish to share them with you.

1/2 cup Idli rice
1/2 cup Raw rice
1/2 cup Grated Bottlegourd
2 teaspoons Urad dhal
2 teaspoons Fenugreek seeds
2 Green chillies
2 Red chillies
Salt to taste
Oil few spoons

Wash and soak both idli rice and the raw rice separately for few hours. Wash and soak together the urad dhal and the fenugreek seeds also for few hours.
Grind in the mixie or grinder, initially the dhal fenugreek combination until smooth and add the idli rice. Grind until very smooth. Remove from the blender and keep aside.
Grind to a smooth batter the chillies and the raw rice, adding the grated bottle gourd just few minutes before removing.
Blend well and combine the earlier batter to this and mix well. Add salt .
Let the batter stand to ferment well, preferably overnight.
Pour ladlefulls on hot tawa, add few drops of oil and cook dosais until done on both sides.
Serve with chutney, sambhar or milagaipodi.

Alternatively you may cut onions and add to the batter and pour uththappams.

I am sending this recipe to Padma's Dosa corner event.


  1. yummy dosai....i too have read this....

  2. Very different dosai... I'm sure it tastes good... bookmarked for whenever I get bottle gourd :-)

  3. Delicious and healthy dosa Lata ... and thanks for sending this to my dosa event ....

  4. Dear, looks yumm :) Hope we all will be posting differnt n yummy dosa this weelk for Padma :P

  5. Thank you Shama, Anupama, Priya and Padma.
    @ Shama, I'm still searching for the issue of MM.
    @Anupama, yes they are deliciously soft too,

  6. Thanks Ann, I will be watching out for the curries you put up for the yummy dosas dear.

  7. My mom makes this but i don't think she adds ulundhu... looks yummy.

  8. Thanks Laav. I was not sure, that's why I added very little of ulundu. I shall try without it next time.

  9. Hi Lata,
    Please stop by my website and pick up your award! The dosa looks yummy!

  10. WOw wow wow Thank you Jyoti. I have collected the award. Thank you And keep rolling out all those yummy goodies.


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