Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Little everyday rituals that live on - Black and White Wednesdays

It is a fast changing world and rural India is no exception. My small town decades ago, is today a big city sporting tall buildings, colleges, departmental stores and shopping arcades. What used to be a vegetable market has now given way to the expanded bus station and has been shifted to a proper roofed market place to name a few.

But some small and nice things live on.....we still witness loads of everyday activities that happen. I get to see all my neighbours clean up their front yards and draw beautiful kolams; vegetable vendors and the bakery boy on his bicycle visit the neighbourhood religiously, and the paper boy on his cycle deftly tosses the dailies into the compound and so on.....

One more such scene is, in this age of HTST processed packet milk and UHT processed longlife carton milk, the milkman bringing fresh milk in his large cans. The only change in his case is that he has a motorcycle in the place of the bicycle.

See the women folk have a small gossip session just then :-)

This man has been supplying milk for many years in our locality and we can be assured that he will have some extra milk in those cans to supply you if there is an unexpected guest around tea time!

I love being there...more than just to be in the comfort of my parents' be reminded of these fond memories!

Pleased to share these pictures in Susan's Black and White Wednesdays - culinary photo event.


  1. Home is the best always Lata wherever you are. The typical south indian town snaps are ntoo good

  2. You have truly taken lot of efforts to click these simple day to day activities and people its a real pleasure to watch these people and their routine chores and chat and talk to them coz it brings such a beautiful smile on their faces when u picturerize on them and give them importance.I too when visiting my native kumbakonam villages love to experience the rural atmosphere and settings and activities and feel like settling down there in the pollution free atmosphere and don't like to come back to my city.
    Thank u so much Lata for sharing these lovely trifle moments.
    Indu srinivasan

  3. It is nice to see this world still existing in thenon-urban parts of our country. :)
    Especially like the first picture of the kolam.

  4. I agree to you lata, when i go back home I don't recoganize ppl or the area anymore, so many big houses, supermarkets etc.......but indeed some things also have not changes the woman who brough milk to my moms home every morning in a jug etc....beautifully captured pictures.

  5. aaah.. very nicely clicked.. thank u for bringing new year memories in advance... and nativity...

  6. I miss the kolam...these look more like the Andhra Kolams ?... bolder lines, while the TamilNadu kolams are almost always highly structured and tightly designed.Beautiful! :-)
    And yes,I balanced the tiffin 'thattu'; it was easy with the dividing plates.

  7. loved your write up along with the photographs, brings back all that nostalgia!

  8. Loved the pictures and the write up, the kolam looked so beautiful too !

    Regarding the eggless omelet, yes it does remind me a little of chilas or even the bajji dosai that I posted a while back. But the addition of soda and the vegetables makes it more like an omelet I guess.....

  9. Truly missing all this morning rituals..lovely captures akka..

  10. Lovely captures :) awesome kolam .love to c the ladies gossip ;)

  11. Beautiful pics.....I esp like the pics of the kolam and the milkman.

  12. Lovely clicks Lata :).Mom still insists on the daily kolam ritual and she still buys fresh milk from the vendor everyday. I bet that milk tastes the best...

  13. These pictures reminds me of the good old days and is so charming.


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