Thursday, November 26, 2009

Araiththu vitta vengaya sambhar - Tamilian's delight

Of the sambhar varieties I prefer the araiththu vitta sambhar, meaning ground and added type.
The Masala is initially roasted either dry or adding very little oil, ground to a coarse paste and added to the tamarind -dhal mix, that has been cooked along with the vegetables.
The Madras onions (shallots) add somewhat exotic flavour to sambhar and the sweet yet pungent taste of the shallots is by itself delectable. Mostly people cook this sambhar and serve with roasted potato dry curry and hot rice with a small amount of ghee.

When I make this sambhar, I grind along with the usual ingredients, a small piece of ginger and few raw shallots, a tip from a magazine. That enhances the flavours.
A lemon size ball of tamarind
1/4th of a cup thuvar dhal
1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
100 grams shallots
Oil to saute the shallots
Salt to taste

For tempering:
2 teaspoons cooking oil
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
1 red chilli
Few fresh curry leaves
Dry roast the following:
1 table spoon coriander seeds
6 pieces medium hot dry red chillis
1 teaspoon channa dhal
3 table spoons coconut scrapped
Roast these until the coconut is golden brown and aromatic and the dhal looks oil coated and shining.
Add few raw shallots and 1/2'' piece of fresh ginger and grind to a paste adding little water.

Soak tamarind in water for some time and extract the pulp thoroughly.
Pressure cook thuvar dhal with the turmeric powder added to it until soft.
Peel shallots and retain whole. Heat oil in a pan and add the shallots. Saute them until they are brown on all sides, add some water, cover and cook till they are tender.
To this add the salt and tamarind extract and simmer on medium flame until all raw taste of tamarind subsides.
Add the cooked dhal coarsely mashed, allow to blend and add the masala that has been ground.
Bring to a boil. Allow to boil for further two minutes. Remove pan from fire.
Temper with the mustard seeds and fresh curry leaves.
Cook the sambhar a bit ahead of serving, this enhances flavours.
My aunt used to cook her sambhar about an hour before serving, but she will keep the rasam on the coal stove (kumutti aduppu), until the coals might be dying out until about to be served. You may serve lukewarm sambhar with hot rice and re-heat the rasam just before consumption.


  1. wow!!!!! very delicious with idly or dosa.....

  2. Arachi vitta sambhar, looks delicious..just love this sambar with hot steaming rice and papads...mouthwatering..

  3. Adding ginger is new for me..Would be great with piping hot rice and pappad...

  4. Slurp! I'd do anything (including coming down to your place!) to have this delectable Sambar... Sathiyama intha sambar oda taste ulagathula vera entha dish kum varathu.. Though a rasam-fan, I am all up for this one!!

  5. Very similar to ours ..This is one recipe I learnt from my Mil...
    It will go well with Dosa....

  6. Yummy Samabar... I made kutti vengaya sambar today:)

  7. Naan ippovey indha sambar-um urulaikkizhangu curry-um searththu yosithu paarkkiren Lata ji... absolutely delectable combo and a wholesome meal as well :-). The pic is awesome!

  8. Yuor sambhar looks so yummy. feel like having it now with some rice

  9. One of my all time favorite sambar. Looks so delicious.

  10. mouth watering
    Both of us posted sambar!
    I am busy, job hunting and that explains my inactivity in blogging.
    Hope there is some good news, soon.
    Even I add shallots while grinding; though I fry it along with the other ingredients.
    I haven't tried adding ginger. Will try that.

  11. I cook sambhar the same way. Though i add some onions while grinding, adding ginger is new to me. I am a great fan of ginger. So will keep this in mind.

    Sambhar looks very delicious.

  12. Aha! Lata sappida varalama? parkartheke romba nanna iruke colour.This is our hot favourite sambar.

  13. absolute delight this one is..who wudnt like it? we used to make this specially on sundays- sundays r meant to be special illaya?

  14. Everyone's favourite. Lovely sambhar

  15. looks just the way I love it..long time , i made have tempted me going to make it for the weekend..

  16. Delicious and spicy sambar...

  17. I love araithuvitta sambhar,that too with only pearl onions is double dhamaka for me :)

  18. Delicious sambar Lata. Love to have with hot rice and appalam.

  19. I imagine roasted potato curry and pickle for this sambar! delicious looking!

  20. Oi, amiga!
    Voltei porque senti saudade do seu cantinho.
    Que receita deliciosa e nutritiva... além de linda e apetitosa.
    Você é muito talentosa!
    Aguardo você em:
    Beijinhos carinhosos.
    Itabira - Brasil

  21. Sambhar looks very tasty and inviting lataji

  22. Nothing like good sambhar, rice after a long rice. Looks good!

  23. latha, this sure is a tamilian's delight..your recipe is so tempting..does shallots mean "chinna vengayam"??griding few shallots is a very nice idea..i will try it next time.
    lovely recipe..

  24. @ Priya, Yes they are chinna vengayam, indeed.

  25. chinna vengayam and fresh ground masala - great combination!

  26. Araitha vitta sambar with chinna vengayam is a fantastic combination, looks superb and reminds me I haven't made this in a long while. Nice tip about the ginger and shallot to be ground will try the next time I make this...

  27. looks soo tempting.

  28. Ur Sambhar looks yummy. We are huge fans of Sambhar in our house. First time here. Love ur collection of recipes.Will be following you.

  29. hmmmm YUm,

    arachu vitta sambar that too with chinna vengayam is definitely an all time favourite. coupled with appalam and urulai fry, its a sunday special at my home!!! Grinding ginger is new to me too...Let me try it soon!

  30. very niceee :), looks very tempting!


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