Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunshinemom's Aviyal - Tried and Tasted

We have a few families here who meet every Saturday evening to chant few devotional hymns apart from Vedic Rudram, Chamakam, Namakam and the Vishnu Sahasranamam. More slokas and bhajans are recited and sung too. We spend three hours of religious chants followed by good food on most Saturday evenings.
The food has no pre-defined menu. It is potluck party, though each one carries what he or she cooks that evening. Also there is no regulation to the quantity. People just bring some 300 ml casserole to as large as 5 litres of prepared dish. Since most of us are from the South states the menu is widely South Indian with the exception of chappatis and related side dishes.
We have been attending this now for a few weeks. For one such meeting I decided to carry Aviyal. Though I cook aviyal, I was looking for a Palghat recipe. I decided to check Jayasree's and Aparna's. Then I stumbled upon this recipe from TONGUE TICKLERS by Sunshine mom.

I had to use the vegetables that were available in Ghana. Apart from that I've followed her recipe. We do not get elephant yam and ash gourd, so I cannot claim that the aviyal was fully authentic. But it sure tasted good.
I doubled the quantity of vegetables and also used baby potatoes whole. The coconut and the rest of the grinding ingredients, I just increased them, not exactly doubled.
My picture might tell you that it was well liked by the people who tasted it. So, have a look at my pictures and follow Harini's recipe for Aviyal from Palakkad here.

This aviyal goes to Tried and Tasted event initiated by Zlamushka of Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen,

hosted this November by The Singing Chef featuring Sunshinemom of TONGUETICKLERS.


  1. I love my mom's avial a lot.. This looks equally good..very well tried mam:)

  2. Yet to go through her blog, u are already with ur delicious entry..aviyal looks creamy and delicious..

  3. o0o0o..the avial looks rich & creamy...with loads of veggies its just perfect..

  4. My Mom and grandmom make aviyal this way although I make it in a few different ways based on my mood :-)... that is one delicious aviyal Lata ji!

  5. This is one of my favorite dishes, i make it atleast once a week. Yours do look very delicious and i am sure it tasted too.

  6. Love how u spend ur sartu even, We use to do monthly once!
    The choice of avial is great!

  7. tasty n healthy one pot dish :)

  8. Yummy looking Avial.. looks so goo..

  9. Lovely and tempting avial Lata would like to taste a spoonful if possible.

  10. Perfect Looking Avial...nice clicks

  11. I love aviyal and can eat it all by itself...
    How are you doing akka?

  12. wow.. delicious aviyal da.. Looks perfect!

  13. Avial looks delicious. Good to know that you have found company in your new place.

  14. Hey, thanks for trying and am glad you liked it:)


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