Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Minty potato salad

There is no limit to the variety you might cook with potatoes. As the vegetable is most preferred by many people, the options of consuming are numerous. Mint is my favourite herb. I can drink cup after cup of the pani puri's mint water! When I spotted the cute looking baby potatoes, I could not stop myself from purchasing them.
Soon after bought fresh mint and made this Chat variety salad with mint and boiled potatoes with carrots and onions.
Both of us, my husband and myself have started enjoying salads on a regular basis. I keep trying different options, this one was very well enjoyed by both of us.
You might require:
15 baby potatoes
1 carrot sliced in rings and strips
1 red onion chopped or finely sliced
Few strings frensh coriander leaves chopped
2 teaspoons cooking oil
Grind the following to a smooth paste:
A fist full of mint leaves
1 tablespoon chopped onions
A pea size ball of tamarind
1/4 teaspoon dry mango powder
1" piece ginger
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
Salt to taste.
How to prepare:
Grind the ingredients for the paste adding water sparingly to a smooth paste.
Prick the potatoes with a fork at few places. Boil them just until you might be able to peel them.
The nutrients in the potatoes lie right beneath the peel. So for optimum nourishment, they have to be boiled just as much to remove the peel.
Heat the oil in a pan. Add the paste to it and toss the potatoes gently to coat them with the paste until the essence is absorbed.
If desired and you do not like raw onions, you may toss them in the oil and remove before adding the paste.

The preparations are done.
Proceed to spread your salad as per your liking and serve.

This is just sufficient for two servings. You might increase the ingredients as required and also add many more vegetables as desired.

This salad goes to Meeta's Monthly Mingle collecting dishes fro BRUNCH.


  1. That is one yummy and cute salad. lovely presentation.

  2. Wow , Nice way to make baby potatoes and perfect for the event

  3. Amazing salad for brunch!! Mint makes it so flavorful.

  4. Wow, my mouth is watering, I love the mint and so beautifully presented.

  5. Romba super presentation Lata ji! Makes me crave for those cute little potato balls :-). Anything with potato will fly any time in my household ;-)

  6. the salad looks nice and cute with the nice decorations.

  7. lovely decorations, potato any form as you said is well received, will make this.., and make my kids say, love you mummy!! (that too my second daughter she will be in seventh heaven)!!

  8. hi lataji,
    Wow what a presentation!!!! looks so tempting!!!!!!!!

  9. perfect! love the unique presentation. thanks for bringing it along to the mingle!

  10. Very interesting salad and use of spices. I love mint too and use it a lot in Lebanese cooking; I am curious about all the other ingredients and would love to try them.


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