Friday, November 6, 2009

Lunch box -pictures only!

Divya of Dil se wants us all to show her what we pack our lunch boxes with. Prior to Ghana, my husband used to carry his lunch which I would have done in a hurry as he leaves as early as 5:30 AM. The dinner was a bit of an elaborate and relaxed meal. Here too he leaves early, but we have been given a driver by the company. He comes home once in the mid morning to collect the lunch for my husband. So I get to cook a proper meal everyday. Here are two pictures of his lunch boxes. Recipes may appear in my posts randomly. For now I'm happy to Show you my husband's Lunch Box.
salad, okra stir fry, madras onion sambhar rice and yoghurt.
Pudina rice, salad and raita.


  1. You make lunch by 5:30 in the morning... much earlier than my time. I feel my case is better since it has to be ready only by 7:00.

    Lovely pics.

  2. wow Lataji,
    My salute to u and all the ladies who wake up that early and cook for the day!
    The lunch looks so want to eat types:) nice one!

  3. What a healthy combo Lata ji! Your husband is a lucky man :-)

  4. Lovely lunch box pictures and hats off to u for getting up very early in the morning for preparing and packing his lunch box

  5. This lunch box is of here. I cook later as the driver comes home to collect his lunch:) but even in other places I have had to pack his breakfast as well as lunch quite early.

  6. ooh... v nice.... 5.30 in the morning...
    its mid morning tiem for me.. I no longer wake up before 8 am....
    lovely lunch box pics..

  7. Wow.. interesting package.. looks really yumm.. its long since I took a lunch box.. Wish I could get back to school :)

  8. Oh my,if he leaves by 5.30,then I am thinking what time u should wake up and cook and keep ready the other things too!


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